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Heidenau K60 Scout Reviews

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I have about 5500 miles on my first set of Heidenau K60 Scout on a 2008 R1200GSA and I'm satisfied. 
Sorry for my rusty English... :) I'm from Portugal.

Overall this tires are what we can see in most of the review, good compromise between handling/grip and mileage. Need to be more careful on wet paved road and very careful on mud.


Nevertheless there is one thing that really surprised me!

I found my rear tire almost empty in the middle of nowhere... I always have a puncture kit and compressor with me but I didn't found any puncture and didn't managed to inflate the tire. I started thinking that it was a problem with the valve so I decided to try to reach a workshop while the tire had a little, I mean very little air.


I knew a workshop about 30 miles from where I was (paved and very wet conditions), after about 10 to 15 miles at around 40/50 mph I felt the tire breaking the seal or peeling off the rim (not sure the correct term). I had tire completely empty and loose but managed to reach the workshop safely at about 20/30mph.
I explained what happened and after a very close inspection of the tire we verified that he wasn't damaged. I was really impressed to find that the tire carcass managed to support the weight of the heavy bike without getting all ripped off. 
The tire actually lost the air due to dirt or sand that accumulated between the rim and the tire, our clue, due to off road ridding with low pressure. We carefully cleaned the rim and tire and so far I didn't have any issue after about 2 weeks.
I thinks that for a adventurer and long distances rider its a huge pro.
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Nate J.


Probably the #1 thing I've done to the bike - greatly improved my off-road confidence. These tires are a good balance between off-road traction and on-road wear while still giving a high level of confidence. I have about 4000 miles on them now, and although they do show light wear, it is not excessive especially considering the sharp shale and rock trails they are subjected to here in Utah.


Some say the continuous center rib reduces traction off-road, which it does, but I find it to be an acceptable compromise. I often have 200+ plus of pavement to cross to get to my favorite trails, and I don't think a full on off-road tire would last as long in those conditions.


One note of caution - if you air down for the trail make sure you air back up before you attempt any continuous speed on the highway. I haven't personally experienced it, but others report that riding on the highway at speed at lower pressures can heat up the tire to a point it will start to throw chunks of tread.


The price listed in my garage was for a front and rear before taxes - free shipping from rockymountainatv.com

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