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Klim USA Overland Jacket Reviews

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Eric Hall

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I just got this jacked, along with the pants, a few months ago.  I have a few trips using it so far and have nothing but good things to say about it.


I honestly do no want the Badlands or Adventure Pro jacket/pants because here in SoCal it just seems too warm for those heavier jackets.  People say they ventilate just fine but more say they're too heavy.  I'm sure they're great and I'd love to have the luxury of having one of them to wear when it's colder but it's all about choices.


I was able to ride in some heavy rain (very rare here in SoCal) and all I got was a few drops down the back of my neck, but that's because I had my Leatt brace on.  As far as cold goes, I rode four hours in temps as low as 36 F and avg of about 48 and with a down vest, it wasn't bad.  Even better with heated gear of course.


I think what I like best is probably the fit.  It just simply is the best tailored fit of any motorcycle jacket I've owned.  You can tell they really know what they're doing.


My new favorite color is KLiM black with a patina of dust!



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