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Dunlop D908RR Rally Raid Enduro Rear Tire Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Dunlop D908RR Rally Raid Enduro Rear Tire. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!

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I've been a Motoz fan boy since I put the first Tractionator on my 950Adv, but always wanted to try the Dunlop D908 rear tire.  However up until the last year or so, the widest 18" they offered was a 140.  Personally, not an option for me running 4.5 rear rim.  Then the 150 width finally dropped and I spoon'd one on.  It went on easy which was surprising considering how stiff the sidewall felt.  I did a few short rides just to scrub her in and the first thing I noticed was how quiet this tire is on the tarmac.  "Quiet" is certainly a relative term when discussing big blocked knobbies, but the closest comparison I have the the Motoz Desert H/T (which I loved off-road, but was unbearably loud on the hwy to get to said dirt).  After about 30 ish miles on twisty pavement, I became very comfortable with the road manners.  Nothing unpredictable, and very sure footed.  Next test was miles and miles of baby head rocks.  Other tires have quickly tossed chunks on this section due to my tendencies to heavy right hand but the D908RR faired very well with no noticeable damage.  Racking up about 1000 miles on short trips, now on to the real test, the Colorado BDR.  The fully loaded 950 with me on it weighs about 800 lbs.  When all said and done, the COBDR provided lots of different terrain, rocks, sand, loose and hard pack dirt, including about 400 miles of twisty pavement (50 of that in a torrential down pour) .  The D908RR carried us through without incident and did it very well.   The D908RR can be had for about $160 at the time of this review, which is a smokin deal compared to my other "go-to" Motoz RallZ at about $210.  Bottom line, I like it, and think I may be a convert.  I'll leave you with the attached pic, post COBDR, just shy of 2700 miles total.



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I don't know for sure but I am willing to bet that the Dunlop D908RR Rally Raid tire has been around longer than most of us have been riding big heavy adventure bikes and I am also surprised by how many riders had never seen the D908RR before I swapped out my current tire to try one.

I ran the DunlopRR Rally Raid on my 2021 Tenere 700 on 70% California Decomposed Granite and Rocky Roads and Trails and 30% Highway. On the street I found them to be surprisingly quiet for a knobby off road oriented tire.  Off road the D908RR provided predictable traction at all speeds on all terrain and also provided a very predictable slide and predictable loss of traction. The D908RR is an excellent choice for the more aggressive big bike riders on higher horse power machines. On my Tenere 700 I ran tire pressures between 22-30 psi and at 2012 miles feel that I have used up the off road life of the tire. I may be able to get another 500-1000 miles out of the tire on gravel roads and highway. I give the tire 4 out of 5 stars only because I would have liked more tire life, which varies drastically between bikes and riding styles. 

You can currently find the tire for $160-$170, which seems very reasonable for a technical to extreme riding heavy duty side walled big adventure bike friendly tire.😜





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This bike eats rear tires! Can't imagine a lesser knobby would last very long

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