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RideOnAdv Super Tenere Long Lines (Brake & Clutch) Reviews

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Nate J.

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Last spring I installed a set of ROX Offset 1 1/4" Risers on my Tenere which surpassed the limits of my hydraulic brake and clutch line limits when at full steering lock. There were some on-line suggested solutions that freed up just enough slack in the hard lines making the risers doable at full lock, but not only was it right at the limit, the "fix" just seemed Jerry-rigged to me. I don't do rigged very well, and although this worked for a while, it drove me nuts, so I turned to Jaxon at RideOnADV for a set of long lines




These lines are very well made and one can tell that there is great attention to detail in their manufacture. They are stainless steel braided Teflon with stainless steel banjos and fittings that include a heat shrink covering over the ends to keep everything looking nice and tidy. Included in the standard kit are long lines for the brake and clutch at 2.5" longer than stock, along with everything that is needed to finish the install including banjo bolts and copper washers. I was lucky enough to get to try out a prototype lower line between the end of the clutch hard line and the clutch housing. Definitely a nice touch! It looks good and definitely cleaner than stock while keeping all of the lines at the same diameter! It looks like RideOnADV will be adding the lower line as an available product in the very near future. In my opinion it's a must if your going to replace the upper lines as, like I said before, it keeps all your lines the same diameter - Not to mention it looks good!




Because I am not a hydraulics expert, I opted to have the lines professionally installed to ensure that it was done right the first time. Hey, I trust my life to these things! After the work was done, I had a good talk with the mechanic that did the install to get his impressions. He stated that the RideOnADV is a very good quality kit and everything he needed (other than fluids) was in the kit. He also pointed out to me that not only did i get some extra length out of the lines, since the new lines are steel braided and a smaller diameter than stock I would recognize a more direct feel in the brake and clutch; the lines won't expand like the stock rubber lines. He was correct. I do recognize a more direct feel, although subtle, in both the clutch and the brake. One thing to note. If you haven't worked with hydraulic lines and their replacement before it is probably a good idea to get these installed professionally. On the Tenere the line bleeding method on the brake side is different than the traditional bleeding method you are probably used to as the Tenere has linked brakes and ABS - you can't bleed the brakes from the top down as this will get air in the ABS pump which is very difficult to remove. On the clutch side you would bleed the traditional way of course.


The lines ended up being a little bit longer than needed for my 1 1/4" rise, but this is perfectly ok and once dressed, it's a total non-issue. Now I have a little extra slack in case I ever want to go higher with my risers and that extra slack gives me peace-of-mind knowing that there is no stress in the system. In the end, this modification is a MUST for your Tenere if you add any rise to your bars at all. As you can see from the pictures below, the stock lines leave very little room for rise; mine had started chaffing from rubbing.


You can't go wrong getting these lines from RideOnADV. They are very good to work with and will jump through hoops to help. I needed the lines to my door and on my bike in less than 4 business days as I had a trip coming up and Jaxon pulled out all the stops to make sure that I got my lines in time to get them installed. In the end I can find nothing but PROS - no cons!


(See more pictures below)


The brake line and the slack still available with 1 1/4" rise at full right lock (clutch side similar):




Brake and clutch lines with bars straight ahead:




The prototype lower line installed:




The lower line and the clutch line vs. the stock lines (brake side similar). Note the chaffing on the stock line from being at the limit at full lock:



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