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Found 55 results

  1. 0 comments

    The greatest Bike I've owned to date, Opened a world of back road fun !!
  2. 1 review

    > 6-way adjustable > Available in short and long versions > Large radius lever surface > Improved ergonomics and rider comfort > Laser engraved Vortex logo
  3. 0 comments

    Amazing machine. I've noticed its not as high quality as a BMW but its definitely built for my riding style. KTM has come short on my deal and hasn't activated KTM my ride, hill assist, quick shift, or heated grips. They don't know how to make these options work. It's been a month sense I bought the bike and I haven't got to fully use my bike yet.
  4. 3 reviews

    These guys are designed for Adventure. Whether you’re ripping a snow bike across the frozen backcountry, riding an old road bed through a deep pine forest, or cruising along a twisty mountain road - Fastway’s Adventure pegs offer a level of comfort and control you’ve never thought possible. We’ve packed all our foot peg technology inside, and given them the looks to compliment any Adventure bike, or Off-road bike on our fitment list. Every angle has been carefully designed to shed mud and snow, all while making you wonder why you didn’t buy them sooner. Measuring a perfect 2.25" front to back by 4.75" wide; they’re the perfect solution for your next Adventure.
  5. 2 reviews

    Kaoko Cruise Controls are purpose-built and consist of a friction nut that is integral with a replacement handlebar-end weight. To install, just remove the right hand bar weight, replace it with Kaoko's bar weight, and firmly tighten the central retaining screw. Features Greatly reduces rider fatigue and strain on hand and wrist While cruising, rider is able to remove hand from throttle grip, throttle opening will remain as set Very simple to operate, even with heavy winter gloves High quality, compact and durable design, super smooth action Takes less than 5 minutes to fit Very little maintenance is required Less wear and tear on throttle cables and linkages Can result in reduced fuel consumption
  6. 1 review

    38mm taller bar position 2 densities of rubber cushioning included. Handlebars are moved forward 13mm to open up the rider cockpit Added vibration isolation from the motorcycle. Billet aluminum anodized black. BRP KTM Adventure Vibration Isolaton SUB Mounts are designed exclusively to fit the OEM triple clamps.
  7. 2 reviews

    The Flexx Handlebar absorbs shock and vibration that is transferred to your body, allowing you to ride longer, at a faster pace with more control. Simply put, you will have a better racing results, more fun riding or better time exploring with Flexx Handlebars controlling your day. Our technology doesn’t happen by accident. It’s been honed, shaped, reviewed, tested and re-tested with the goal of more control with less abuse always in mind. The cumulative effects of our experience are offered in today’s Flexx Handlebar. We’ve eliminated maintenance, decreased friction and further reduced vibration to offer you an exceptional ownership experience that will allow you a better day of riding. The design was originally intended to absorb catastrophic impacts for instance casing a jump or hitting a large “g-out”. The reality of the system’s performance is a massive reduction in shock and abuse transferred to the rider throughout all types of terrain. We take great pride in bringing you the only 100% American Made handlebar. The Flexx Handlebar is a labor-intensive product. Exclusively constructed out of two different states of 7000 series aluminum; employing the latest technology in CNC machining and extrusion methods, our handlebars are made with the utmost hands-on precision and care. Strict tolerances are checked many times over by a highly qualified production crew, ensuring that every component of the Flexx Handlebar goes out our doors with unparalleled accuracy. Features Controlled and consistent By only articulating near the same plane as the forks in a natural motion for your body, riders do not notice the bar moving. This is an often over looked point as any other product that claims to absorb abuse does so in 360°, which is not consistent or controlled, creating a vague feeling. A rider will not notice a properly set up Flexx Handlebar, they will notice the front end tracking better, minimized abuse transferred and the ability to better focus on line selection instead of holding on. Dramatically reduces vibration The handle is completely isolated from touching metal to metal through the use of our Fiber Bushings at the pivot point as well as our Elastomers. Both the Fiber Bushings and Elastomers have vibration reduction characteristics engineered into them resulting in less vibration transferred to you. Tunable to your needs Our Compression and Rebound Elastomers absorb abuse typically transferred to your upper body. With 4 Compression and 3 Rebound Elastomers to choose from you can fine tune your Flexx Handlebar to suit your preferences. Component ready Numerous accessories available such as handguard mounts, rebound elastomer kits, dash boards, grips and more available in our store. What's in the box Silver handlebar pad 3 sets of Compression Elastomers 2 set of Rebound Elastomers
  8. 0 reviews

    The SE bar is Pro Taper’s 7/8th inch diameter handlebar designed for riders who still prefer the feel and stability of a cross bar. Transworld Motocross magazine says, “The Pro Taper SE bar has set the new standard for 7/8ths aluminum handlebars.” and gave them a perfect “10” score. • Made from 5mm, proprietary, 2000 series T6 aluminum alloy • Cross bar made from cold forged aluminum • Cross bar clamps CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and adhered with aerospace quality polymer • High tech, stress relieved, shot peen and anodized finish for unmatched durability • Left side knurling provides maximum grip traction • Chemically applied graphics are scratch and peel resistant • End plugs help keep the elements out of the handlebar tubing and aid in longer grip life • Weighs only 1.8 pounds (820 grams) w/o pad
  9. 1 review

    Greater comfort and control can be yours with the New Pivot Pegz WIDE MK3 foot peg. The unique pivoting action allows your foot to stay firmly planted on the peg, giving you more grip and control during movements. The world’s only spring-loaded self-centering pivoting foot peg actively tracks with motion of rider’s feet and returns to center when the foot leaves the peg. This enhances your bike’s feel and control while making gear shifting and braking easier. It also reduces jarring, fatigue and extends your boot life. Each peg is made from double heat-treated aerospace grade stainless steel with more than 20 high grip teeth for superior grip, maximum load distribution and a faster, smoother transfer of body weight. Pivot Pegz WIDE MK3 come with a stylish electro-polished mirror finish are 10mm wider than the MK2 versions. • 10mm wider than Pivot Pegz MK2 version • Enhanced bike feel and better control • Smoother body weight transfer plus reduced body jarring • Better balance & traction • Reduced fatigue • Superior foothold and maximum load distribution • Easier gear shifts and rear brake access • Extended boot life • Electro-polished mirror finish • O-ring sealed • Spring loaded pivot action • Wide, open design
  10. 1 review

    Handlebar mounted on/off switch with bullet terminals. This rocker style toggle switch features internals custom designed by Trail Tech for extremely stable and smooth operation. High current contacts handle more power than other switches (will not melt). 10" Pigtail, 3/4" wide.
  11. 0 reviews

    These pegs come in pairs, fully assembled with the tread you select. All treads are silver anodized. Additional treads are available at the bottom of the page. Ready to buy? Select your parts below. Click on a photo for a larger view. Photos represent tread and finish you will receive. Mounting features (such as hole size) will be correct for your bike, which may not be exactly as shown in photos. All our foot pegs come in pairs. General Information Our motorcycle foot pegs are all have one piece mounts - a strong, simple design. They come in two categories; pegs for street bikes, with a tread 1-1/8 inches across by 3-3/4 inches long (29 mm x 95 mm), and pegs for dual-sport and off road bikes, with a tread 2 inches across by 3-3/8 inches long (51 mm x 86 mm). The wide pegs have the extra tread toward the back of the bike. We make each foot peg from solid 6061-T6 aluminum (heat treated, high strength alloy, sometimes called aircraft grade aluminum). Because these parts are aluminum, they will never rust. We sell all our foot pegs in pairs. Foot Peg Height and Lowered Foot Pegs We make foot pegs that come straight out of the mount, as well as models that lower your foot up to two inches or more. When you lower your foot position, you will want to check the height of your shift and brake levers for comfort and access, and adjust if needed. Tread We offer two tread options for street bikes, and two for dual-sport and off road models. They're shown at right. Click on the pictures for a larger view. Street Sidetrax is a good street bike tread, with grip most similar to your stock foot pegs. Quadtrax is a high traction tread, with small points on the top that grab onto your boot. Dual Sport and Off Road 2x3 Wide foot pegs have an interchangeable tread. They come with two tread options, both suited to dual sport and off road use: Hunter tread has the same traction points on the top as Quadtrax, but the foot peg is wider front to back, and shorter across your foot, giving a better base for your feet in rough terrain. Trakker tread has pin grips for your foot, and is good for use in the dirt and mud; the pins stick up further than with the other treads, reaching through dirt to give you a good grip. Safety All our foot pegs swing back like your stock pegs - important in case your peg gets close to the ground or another object. Ground Clearance For most bikes, the bottom tip of 1 inch lowered foot pegs sits at approximately the height and location of the tip of your stock curb feeler (the finger sticking out the bottom tip of your stock pegs). In this case, there is no loss of ground clearance with our lowered pegs. This varies widely from bike to bike; please ride with caution until you get used to your new foot pegs. Mounting Most of our pegs mount with your stock foot peg pivot pin, spring, and retaining clip. Exceptions are listed for specific models. Installation is quick and easy: remove your stock pivot pin retaining clip, pivot pin, and spring, noting orientation of the spring. Remove your stock foot peg and replace with our foot peg. Reinstall your spring, pivot pin, and retaining clip.
  12. 1 review

    > The Rox Pro-Offset block Risers raise your bars straight up 1 1/4" (vertical) or up 1" and back 1" when installed the other direction. Pro-Offset Elite riser comes with the addition of 7/8" bar reducers. This allows you to clamp 7/8" bars or remove them to clamp 1 1/8" "fatbars", making use of your stock bars now at a more comfortable height and upgrading to "fatbars" later. Reducers lock into risers to insure no slippage between components, as well they have serrated teeth in them for maximum gripping power on handlebar. > Rox Pro-Offset risers have an oblong hole so that they will fit virtually any fore and aft bolt center to center distance with 8mm bolt threads. > First determine if you have adequate cable length before installing handlebar risers. Check throttle routing and length. You may have to adjust position of controls, or purchase extended cables for proper operation.
  13. 1 review

    These new stainless steel, hydraulic Super Tenere long lines are specifically made for the Yamaha Super Tenere 1200. There is also a lower clutch line available for a complete install. At 2.5″ longer than stock, you can now safely install bar risers to your height preference and have complete piece of mind The brake line kits are manufactured from the highest quality, stainless steel, swaged fittings. The fittings are permanently attached to a stainless steel braided Teflon hose. The Super Tenere long lines offer safety, security, and a professional slimline finish. All hoses meet FMVSS-106 standard. The kit contains all items required for a complete installation including stainless steel banjo bolts and copper washers.
  14. 1 review

    Innovative clutch levers engineered to reduce both finger fatigue and arm pump thus increasing endurance during high intensity conditions. The Clever’s compact length allows for either a one or two finger operation. With its easy set up and minimal installation time these levers provide a distinct advantage to any type of rider or racer over all other stock and after market levers.
  15. 1 review

    Designed specifically for Adventure riders by Adventure riders, the ADV1 and ADV2 series pegs vastly improving comfort and handling. The large overall length and width enhances comfort and the benefits are felt navigating dirt roads and on long stretches of open roads. The platform spreads the boot contact patch and lessens stress on the feet, legs and hips. Using body English to change directions of a 500lb+ bike is vastly improved as the pegs add leverage. Leaning the bike over and pivoting from one turn to the next is more efficient while providing better control when riding off-road. Superior Comfort, Enhanced Leverage, Lifetime Warranty and built in the USA by off-road market leaders since 1976.
  16. 0 reviews

    -Cast Certified 17-4 Stainless Steel -Powder Coated and Polished Finish -Certified Heat Treating (Homogenizing and Annealing process) -Superior Patented Mud Relief Tooth Design -Increased Width provides Additional Comfort and Handling -LIFETIME WARRANTY -Built in the U.S.A. IMS Products proudly introduces new Footpegs designed specifically for Adventure riders, the ADV1 and ADV2 series pegs. Tested by club adventure riders and IMS owner, Scott Wright, the ADV Pegs are a watershed design vastly improving comfort and handling. The large overall length and width enhances comfort and the benefits are felt navigating dirt roads and on long stretches of open roads. The platform spreads the boot contact patch and lessens stress on the feet, legs and hips. Additionally, as an avid Adventure rider, and former Baja 1000 winner, owner Scott Wright raves about the overall handling improvements. Using body English to change directions of a 900lb+ bike is vastly improved as the pegs add leverage. Leaning the bike over and pivoting from one turn to the next is more efficient while providing better control when riding off-road. Superior Comfort, Enhanced Leverage, Lifetime Warranty and built in the USA by off-road market leaders since 1976. Owner, and enthusiast, Scott Wright stands behind and atop the new Adventure Footpegs. Adventures riders will as well.
  17. 1 review

    This brake lever is wider than the standard lever and is height adjustable. Features: > Patented height-adjustment mechanism. > Hinged, double-size footplate. > Makes for easier control while standing on the pegs. > Adjusting the height is a no-tools operation - just kick the footplate down before riding off. > Installation should be performed only by authorized BMW Motorrad dealers. > Balck anodized finish. > Made of fine-grained sheet steel.
  18. 2 reviews

    An Adventure Foot Peg with Proven Purpose. A larger platform with better peg traction & much improved comfort . The Impact Adventure Peg, Patent # US 6390488, accomplishes this by isolating the large cleat from touching metal to metal, resulting in the rider experiencing less vibration and abuse transferred to the foot. With the Impact Adventure Peg you'll have more leverage, while your foot stays better planted, resulting in your feet, ankles and knees feeling better. This adds up to a better day on the bike. How does it perform? Proofed out in the notoriously choppy, teeth chattering, West Rim in Southern Utah, a trail that is initially so harsh with slick rock ripples many find an alternate route to the “good stuff.” This was the perfect proving ground for the Impact Peg, as often riders feet vibrate or bounce off of the pegs from the continual chatter. With the Impact Moto Peg the harshness of the rocks was squelched, the riders feet stayed on the pegs, and brutality of the notorious chop tamed. Further the slick rock drops provided the perfect opportunity to test the how the Impact Moto Peg performed on massive impacts. Our test riders repeatedly launched big rocks to flat landings, noticing none of the sharp pain or sting shooting through their feet to their lower back as they would with any other peg. What is the Impact Moto Peg made out of? Both the cleat and the base are made out of 7075 T6 aluminum, providing the best structural integrity and wear resistance. The cleat is 112mm long by 60mm wide to provide a large platform with extra leverage often needed on large adventure bikes. 13 5mm Inserts are positioned for optimal traction and wear resistance. The base is shot peened and anodized, while the cleat is hard anodized for wear resistance. The cleat is isolated from touching metal to metal through our base elastomer on the bottom, and cup elastomers on top. 10.9 bolts secure the cleat to the base, making the Impact Moto Peg not only the best performing, but the strongest aluminum peg on the market. Models: Currently we only offer the Adventure Impact Pegs for KTM Adventure bikes, old chassis KTM/Husqvarnas (pre '16) and Husqvarna 701. We should have Adventure Pegs available for BMW, Triumph, the African Twin and Yamaha's Super Tenere shortly. Features Absorbs vibration and abuse. The elastomer absorbs vibration allowing your feet to remain better planted on the pegs. High-frequency abuse like spikes, jolts, and bumps are also dramatically reduced through the cushion of the elastomer. Exceptional traction A combination of our tooth profile coupled with minimized vibration, and larger platform (112mm x 60mm,) literally grabs hold of the bottom of your boot. Hard Anodized 7075 T6 Aluminum Provides exceptional construction, strength and wear resistance. Down and back. The KTM Impact Adventure Peg is a 1/2" down and back to open ergos, providing more room on the bike.
  19. 1 comment

    I've been riding for for about 28 years on many different genres of bikes - from dirt, to cruiser, to crotch rocket. I have to say, this bike is by far the best I have had the pleasure of owning and riding. It's versatility, quality, and capability coupled with it's reasonable price point make it a win win!
  20. 1 comment

    This is the largest bike I have ever owned. Love it. Very capable of long rides then jumping off road.
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