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Shoei RF-1200 Helmet Reviews

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Ratings are subjective. It depends on what other helmets you've used before. My helmet before this was a Schuberth C3, which i found to be an extremely high quality helmet.
The RF1200 is really great, and i chose it specifically because i wanted a lighter helmet that felt better on my head. The downsides so far from the C3, its noisier, and the ventilation isn't as good. Now having said that, my buddy who rode with a Bell Vortex for a while, says his new Shoei is much much quieter. So again, its subjective. 

My original review of the helmet, that can also be found on my website.



This is technically my 4th helmet is 2 years. I think I'm settled, and at the same time, in love. Helmets before this, the AFX31, Schuberth C3, a borrowed GT-Air for testing (which I'm not counting in the total), and a briefly owned Shoei Neotec. Video review and photos after the jump...

The AFX was too cheap, and loud. I made that purchase now knowing much about helmets at all, or knowing what kind of rider i was. It worked, but when winter 2014 came around i wanted something warmer and quieter. I loved the Scuberth C3 and convinced myself it fit fine. After some minor tweaking it was great. I loved that helmet and used the hell out of it for a full year. At a certain point i realized it actually didn't fit right, with minor pain points that were still bothering me, but more importantly i noticed that there was space between the top of my head and my helmet. I moved on to trying my brother in laws newly acquired used Shoei GT-Air. I tried that for a week, and didn't love it. Funny because i thought i would. I then found a used Neotec in perfect condition. I quickly snagged it up, loved it when it arrived, but upon my first ride realized right away that the shell was just too big.

I finally went to the SHOEI RF1200. After my first ride, i have no more doubts. Its light weight, got a small shell, and is the safest of the bunch. My only minor grip is that i don't yet have a tinted shield. They make tinted shields of course, but i don't want to swap shields out. Im waiting for the photochromatic transition shield that should be coming out late april (i hope, as its been delayed several times).

It took almost 2 years, but i think this is finally the helmet that will stick with me for a while. Im excited to tour with it, as you barely feel it on your head. Less rider fatigue on long days.

  • Light Weight
  • Small Shell
  • You barely feel it on when riding
  • Comfortable interior
  • Comes with pin lock insert which i couldn't live without
  • Safe (Snell Approved)
  • Beautiful Paint and overall Design
  • 3 different size liners and cheek pads available


  • Too many vents to adjust, with small controls
  • Helmet gets loud when chin vent is open
  • Photochromatic transition shield not yet available after several delays
  • I'd prefer a ratchet closure instead of a D-Ring, but i might be in the minority on that one
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