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  1. I've always heard Arai is the best but didn't really understand why until I saw this video. It shouldn't surprise me given most things Japanese are next level. I wish I'd leaned this earlier...
  2. NavyNuke

    HJC CL-X7

    1 review

    HJC CL-X7 Bator Helmet The HJC CL-X7 Helmet packs high end safety into a pretty low price point yet doesn't skimp on features like efficient ventilation and a removable moisture-wicking interior lining. Features: Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology Impact absorbing, dual density EPS liner (XS-2XL); 3XL-5XL are single density Maximum range adjustable visor ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Multi-Level top and forehead intake vents combine with rear exit vents to provide flow-through ventilation that helps to pull heat and humidity up and out of the helmet’s interior Removable and washable SuperCool Interior Lining Moisture-wicking and odor-free interior with advanced SuperCool antibacterial fabric Contoured, multi-layer cheek pads optimize fit and comfort Grooves for glasses Nylon Strap Retention System neatly secures chin strap Double D-Ring Snell M2015 and DOT ppproved
  3. 0 reviews

    The Evo-One is the new, top of the range modular helmet from Shark. This helmet affords great aerodynamics, functionality, and maximum security for the user thanks to the great technological solutions. Shark is proud to present its Evo-One flip-up helmet. Few of characteristics are listed below: Compact and aerodynamic profile for a reduction in noise (CFD studies, simulation of digital flows) Comfortable bamboo fibre interior Auto-up and Auto-down system allows simultaneous quick-release of the visor and the chin guard when switching from full-face to open-face. Anti-scratch visor with Max Vision Pinlock (anti-fog film) Tool-free quick-release visor system Visor "Autoseal" system that reduces noise and cold air Internal dual sun visor For More Info or to buy, Visit at Shark Evo-One Astor Mat Helmet
  4. Not to fond of the rear entry strapless designation, but not sure how else to describe it! Looks like a cool idea, dual sport version supposed to be in the works. http://www.vozzhelmets.com/the-helmet.html
  5. Im looking for a new allroad helmet! I have find Some Nice models also with a system function. but my question is which model is better? or do you guys know some better models/brands? I wanna know youre experience with these kind of helmets. ?
  6. 3 reviews

    DETAILS REIGN OR SHINE THE LIGHTEST ADV HELMET KLIM developed the KRIOS ADV Helmet to destroy the conventional performance parameters of the modern Adventure Touring helmet. Innovative construction techniques and supreme material sourcing combine in the ultimate multi-function and completely versatile Adventure Helmet. It’s the only helmet weighing under 1500 grams in North America. ULTRA VISION See the path clearly ahead through optically correct face-shield technology, coupled with an industry leading field of vision. FEEL AT HOME ENGINEERED AERO ACOUSTICS Focus on the road ahead and fully engage with the ride thanks to KLIM’s perfected Aero Acoustic performance. Combining sleek and stable aerodynamics, intelligent ventilation design and a premium liner system, KLIM makes it easy to keep riding mile after mile. TESTED, TESTED, TESTED, TESTED To perfect the premium ride quality of the KRIOS, ADV test riders revised and manipulated every component in the real-world to ensure features such as visors and modular systems didn’t increase noise or reduce on-bike comfort. The result: Aero Acoustic and Aerodynamic excellence and high-level fit and finish ensure a premium experience on every ride. HAND BUILT PRECISION KLIM’s full-carbon KRIOS shell features a wide carbon weave at its core. Hand-laid for a perfectly consistent shell, each section utilizes optimal resin amounts to reduce weight and ensure uniform shell thickness and integrity. VERSATILITY PERFECTED Mastering aerodynamics and functionality of visor-equipped helmets at high speeds is a huge challenge. KLIM developed the KRIOS to utilize aerodynamic visor and spoiler attributes to stabilize and put riders’ heads at ease. EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS Thanks to innovative construction techniques and premium materials, the KLIM KRIOS meets or exceeds the most demanding ECE and DOT standards for motorcycle helmets at reduced weight compared to the competition. KLIM CUSTOM FIT Klimatek™ Fabric liner systems utilize adaptive smart foam technology and anti-microbial/bacterial fast-wicking textiles. QUICK CHANGE KLIM’s KRIOS helmet rebuilt the modular helmet mindset with a quick release shield and visor system requiring only a simple, 90 degree quarter-turn to lock/unlock. No tools required. FEEL THE FLOW KRIOS was born for Adventure and its intelligent ventilation system ensures riders will keep their cool when the terrain heats up. Adequate airflow through the chin bar vent and a closable top vent make it comfortable from slow-to-go. BUILT FOR EVERY RIDE Quickly transition from Street to Off-Road or to any of four riding modes quickly and without tools . Innovative KLIM modular helmet technology allows riders to adapt the KRIOS to any riding need including KLIM Radius Goggle use. SHIELDS UP Premium Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch shield tech takes the lead with Pinlock® ready systems standard to ensure a clear road ahead. Clear and Smoke options available. KRIOS provides a premium experience through High Performance Carbon-Fiber construction, four ride mode versatility, aerodynamic superiority and unrivaled acoustical and contact comfort.
  7. Kirsh Helmets Debuts With CHM-1, the Toughest, Lowest-profile, DOT-certified Half-shell Helmet on the Market SCHENECTADY, NY – October 11, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Kirsh Helmetsa member of the Impact Technologies family, both founded by Jason E. Kirshon, are poised to effect a sea of change in the motorsports and other helmet industries. For decades, legacy compression polystyrene technology (aka foam) has been the standard in helmets, from motorsports to football to snowboarding and any number of other impact sports and activities. No longer. “Has been” is the right way to frame it, because Kirsh Helmets, with its patented fluid-displacement-liner (FDL), is about to make foam to helmets what rotary phones are to cellular technology—obsolete. “We see Kirsh’s fluid displacement liner as a game changer,” said Donnie DeVito, President and Chief Operating Officer of Kirsh Helmets. “It works better than foam, it’s safer and it’s adaptable to any number of sports and high-speed activities.” Kirsh Helmets, Inc., a member of the Impact Technologies family, was formed in late January 2017 to take up the challenge of commercializing the innovative, patented technology invented by Jason Kirshon. Focusing first on solving the problem of unsafe—but popular—novelty half-shell motorcycle helmets, Kirsh’s CHM-1 outperforms “competing” helmets by orders of magnitude in independent testing. At one half of an inch thick, the CHM-1 is the lowest-profile half-shell helmet on the market. Made from the highest-quality materials, coupled with the most-advanced impact technology available, it is also Department of Transportation–certified and entirely manufactured in the U.S.A. Since their inception, the thinking on helmet design has been “more is better.” More foam equals more protection for the head in the event of impact trauma. The independent testing conducted on the Kirsh CHM-1 proves this is not the case. Foam does little to slow down or prevent the brain from slamming into the skull after impact. And the bulk necessary for foam helmets requires more mass, which, in turn, translates into more torque exerted upon the head and neck in the event of a crash. The Kirsh FDL’s silicone and fluid construct mimics the body’s natural protective functions. The brain sits in fluid in the skull. With the FDL, the skull sits in fluid within the helmet. This allows for less mass, reducing impact torque, and a fluid buffer that more effectively protects the skull and brain. And the malleability of the liner ensures that it conforms uniquely to each user’s head, insuring better protection and a custom fit, which means much greater comfort. Size and style are key components that influence consumers. Despite overwhelming evidence that helmet use reduces the likelihood of injury for motorcycle riders, many go without. Kirsh is looking to help change that and reduce traumatic brain injury across the board by offering stylish, low-profile helmets that are safer and work better than their larger, bulkier predecessors. Another compelling feature separating the CHM-1 from all other helmets on the market is its ability to sustain multiple impacts without compromising the helmet’s integrity. And the versatility of the FDL allows for application in half-shell and full-shell helmet designs for any sport or activity that requires the use of head protection, meaning its potential goes far beyond motorsports. So, a question: What do rotary phones, the Ford Edsel, the answering machine, and the foam helmet have in common? Answer: They’re all obsolete relics. Kirsh Helmets is offering the next generation of helmet technology, today, and, for the motorcycle rider, the world is a safer place because of it. About Kirsh Helmets Kirsh Helmets, a member of the Impact Technologies family of companies, is an All-American-Made Helmet Company. Our unique technology brings together style, safety, comfort, and improved performance. Source: Impact Technologies
  8. RogersW

    HJC DS-X1

    1 review

    Features: Advanced Polycarbonate composite shell Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology SuperCool moisture-wicking interior is anti-bacterial, removable, and washable Large eye port for maximum visibility and superior goggle fit Pinlock-prepared HJ-27 shield for anti-fog lens (insert lens sold separately) Aerodynamic visor and shell Easy converting system from shield and visor to visor-only helmet Chin curtain included ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System full front-to-back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out Glasses grooves can accommodate riders who wear eyeglasses Double D-ring DOT approved
  9. 3 reviews

    Icon Variant Construct Helmet Stripped of graphics and devoid of undue flair - the Construct wanders the earth in opaque minimalism. It is purity of form amongst the flamenco masses. It is truth of materials amid the technicolor hordes. In a world where no two helmets are created equal, the Variant Construct and its raw shell stand alone. Features: All world standard, meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia) and SG (Japan) safety and testing standards - does not ship with SAI or SG certification stickers Fiberglass / Dyneema / Carbon Fiber Shell Industry leading multi-inlet ventilation system Wind tunnel tested and refined anti-lift visor Integrated chin EPS air channels reduce shield fogging Optically correct anti-fog shield Removable and washable HydraDry moisture wicking liner Removable chin curtain NOTE: Helmet ships with both Clear and Dark Smoke faceshields.
  10. Got this note in the mail today about a new dual sport helmet from HJC. It doesn't list a weight spec but the price is right. As dual-sport aficionados continue to appear more and more within the two-wheel world, HJC introduces the DS-X1: a do-it- all, quality adventure helmet at an accessible price. The DS-X1 is the ideal helmet for both on and off-road riding, adapting to different riding styles with three configurations: shield and visor, shield only, or visor only(goggle prepared). HJC’s 3D CAD sculpted Advanced Polycarbonate composite shell results in superior fit and comfort, designed for the maximum range of motion needed for the bold and rugged ride ahead. The extensive eye-port allows for maximum visibility and superior goggle fit. A secure seal is ensured with integrated lock tabs, a beveled bottom edge and optically correct, 3D-sculpted shape. To prevent anti-lift while riding at highway speeds and increase ventilation with ram-air direction, the DS-X1 supports an aerodynamic and dual-function visor. Ventilation is comprised of a large, adjustable mouth vent and HJC’s Advanced Channeling System (ACS) for high volume ram-air intakes that flow and cool through internal channeling and allow hot air to exit through the spoiler exhaust. To address conditions after long, adventurous rides, the DS-X1 Supercool Textile interior is moisture wicking, anti-bacterial treated, removable and washable. The DS-X1 is offered in four solid colors: silver, black, semi-flat black and white. It is also available in the Lander graphic, which comes in high-vis yellow or black and reflective silver for added visibility. HJC’s first dual-sport model can be purchased at a competitive price starting at $169.99. Breath deflector and chin curtain included. Optional cold weather breath box is available. Sizes XS-2XL. DOT approved.
  11. Nate J.

    Shoei Hornet X2

    3 reviews

    The Shoei Hornet X2 is available in two versions - The standard Shoei Hornet X2 and the X2 Seeker. The Seeker version is exactly the same construction as the standard version, but adds graphics and color as well as cost. The following description is directly from Shoei's Website. DESIGN CONCEPT From the very beginning phases of conceptualization, the sole purpose of creating the all-new Hornet X2 was to offer serious dual-sport enthusiasts the perfect helmet for all corners of their journey. Striking the optimal balance between on-and-off-road form and function is no easy task, but in the end, the Hornet X2 defines what we all love most about dual-sport, adventure riding; it knows no bounds. Designed to maintain peak performance in every condition thrown its way without compromising the core values of a long distance touring helmet, the all-new Hornet X2 is a true all-road, all-element helmet. At first glance, you'll quickly admire the design characteristics that make the Hornet X2 a true hybrid between a premium road and off-road helmet. The mouthpiece and chin bar area incorporate the best features from both worlds; its shape was designed to improve air intake and ventilation performance, all the while giving the rider the additional air space needed to accommodate heavy breathing during demanding off-road riding. Abandoning the traditional mouthpiece of an off-road helmet, the Hornet X2 provides the additional protection needed when weather conditions become adverse, and the multi-stage lower vent shutter allows the rider to fine-tune airflow for every riding conditions. Performance, aerodynamics, ventilation, functionality, and long-distance comfort... The helmet for every road, Hornet X2. V-460 VISOR The Hornet X2's all-new V-460 visor spent countless development hours in SHOEI's wind tunnel and on the road to perfect the proper balance between aerodynamics and traditional visor functionality. The innovative "wedge" shape along with strategically placed vent louvers allow wind to pass through unobstructed during high-speed riding, ultimately reducing lift and drag. Along with superior aerodynamic qualities, the V-460's shape was strategically designed to push air into the Hornet X2's upper air intake for optimal cooling, all the while maintaining its fundamental purpose of providing sunshade and roost protection during off-road riding.Rounding out the V-460's innovative features, easy-to-operate quarter-turn screws allow for quick removal and installation of the visor without the need for special tools. CNS-2 SHIELD/QR-N BASE PLATE Along with the Hornet X2's large eye port, SHOEI's all-new CNS-2 shield offers unparalleled vision across the entire optical range. In addition to protecting against 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays, the CNS-2 shield offers a distortion-free view thanks to SHOEI's 3D injection-molding process. Additionally, an innovative rib on the top edge of the shield improves rigidity and eliminates bending that may occur during opening and closing. Coupled with the all-new CNS-2 shield, the Hornet X2's QR-N base plate system facilitates quick and efficient shield changes for easy adaptation during your journey. The strengthened spring-loaded base plates pull the shield back against the improved window beading to ensure a dust, wind and waterproof seal with each and every closure. A new shield locking mechanism rounds out the Hornet X2's advanced shield system. VENTILATION A well-ventilated helmet is essential to dual-sport riding and the many challenges it can present thanks to varying speeds, weather conditions, and levels of physical exertion. During the design process of the Hornet X2, SHOEI utilized its state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility to help develop the optimal balance between airflow, silence, and functionality. Equipped with a large, multi-position lower air intake/defroster optimized for fresh air inhalation and clear vision, two shutter-controlled upper air vents for optimal air intake and head cooling, four uniquely-positioned rear exhaust outlets to take better advantage of negative pressure suction, and three neck outlet vents work together to yield unrivaled cool-air intake and hot-air expulsion. 3D MAX-DRY INTERIOR SYSTEM II The Hornet X2 is equipped with a fully removable, washable, and replaceable 3D Max-Dry Interior System II. SHOEI's exclusive Max-Dry System II liner material absorbs and dissipates sweat and moisture twice as fast as traditional Nylon interiors, making it ideal for those long days on the road or trail. The 3D center pad components are three-dimensionally shaped to match the contours of a rider's head, allowing for an extremely comfortable fit while maintaining the firm hold necessary for distraction-free, high-speed riding. Additionally, the Hornet X2's 3D-shaped cheek pads are available in multiple thicknesses for a fully customizable fit.The Hornet X2 also includes a removable breath guard, chin curtain, and removable ear pads to complete the comfort package.
  12. 1 review

    The GS Enduro helmet, with new colour schemes for 2016, is a lightweight helmet perfect for touring. Outer shell made of 100% carbon-fibre reinforced plastic Inner shell made of several sections for optimum shock absorption Double glazed, three-dimensionally curved visor Anti-scratch outer visor Anti-fog inner visor Spoiler and removable sun shield for optimum aerodynamics Effective ventilation system Removable chinbar and dust filter for offroad/hot weather Removable and washable head and cheek pads Neck straps for secure hold BMW communication system compatible Weight approx. 1450 grams with shield and visor
  13. Press Release Redefining the definition of value and versatility. SANTA FE SPRINGS – June 1, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The new EXO-AT950 is a modular helmet with a removable external face shield, an internal drop-down tinted sun visor, and costs under $300. “After three years of development, we are delighted to bring this new product to market.” says Frank Esposito. “We’ve known there has been a demand for a modular ADV style helmet for years, but we wanted to make sure the helmet met all the needs of the Touring and Adventure Touring community. We have been asking people what they wanted in a helmet and why, and we feel we have done a great job of meeting their needs.” The first thing you will notice is the huge eye-port, allowing you to see more of the world around you. The peripheral field of vision is exceptional making it easier to look over your shoulder when doing lane changes. If it’s really bright outside, the internal drop-down Speedview® SunVisor can be lowered easily with gloves on while riding. The external peak visor is designed to have very little lift and be quiet at highway speeds, but can easily be removed without tools. “Then you add the fact that it’s a flip-up modular helmet for under $300 and people can’t believe it.” says Esposito. Editors and product testers have been very helpful by providing feedback during the design process. “The visor detentes, drop down sunshade and vents all operate very smoothly. The liner is comfortable as well.” says Carl Parker publisher and editor of ADVMoto Magazine. “The AT950 actually meets the needs of a lot of different types of riders and that’s what’s going to make this helmet so popular.” says’ Mr. Esposito. “It will obviously appeal to the Adventure Touring crowd, but with the peak visor removed, it’s also a great touring helmet. Additionally you can remove the face shield and use goggles for when it’s dusty. The aggressive styling will also make it popular with the Urban riders and the UTV crowd.” The Scorpion AT950 is available in three solid colors: Matte Black, Matte Anthracite, and Hyper Silver and retails for $269.95. The Neocon graphic is available in Hi-Vis Neon, Bright Orange, and Phantom silver and retails for $289.95. About Scorpion Scorpion Sports, Inc. (SSI) produces an extensive collection of Scorpion EXO® branded motorcycle helmets and technical riding apparel in its own state-of-the-art production facility staffed by more than 400 skilled technicians. Scorpion Sports USA operates a corporate headquarters, design and distribution center located in Santa Fe Springs, California as well as an eastern region distribution center located in Louisville, Kentucky. The Scorpion motto “We Live In Our Protection” translates to better, safer, more comfortable solutions for every rider and riding style – street, sport, off-road, adventure, touring, V-twin and ATV. Throughout its history, the Scorpion brand has been recognized for innovative design, premium construction and high customer value. For more information www.ScorpionUSA.com
  14. 4 reviews

    The Arai XD4 Explore Graphic Helmet replaces the category leading Arai XD-3 Dual Sport Helmet. Notable improvements for the XD4 are improved ventilation with redesigned face vents and a venturi vent at the brow, adjustable cheek pads, a new visor system for improved visibility, and a new locking shield for aerodynamics. > New comfort headliner, with micro fitting 5mm peel away temple pads > Fully removable/replaceable/washable Interior: Comfort head liner, Cheek pads, Chinstrap covers > Dry-Cool technology keeps you dry and cool for greater comfort > Patent pending, New FCS (Facial Contour Support) cheek pad design, also with a 5mm peel away micro fit feature > New shell shape for better aerodynamic stability at higher street speeds > New exhaust ports added to the top diffuser vents > New chin vent with more intake ports > Larger sculpted side cowl vents improve ventilation > Snell M2010 approved > 3.74lbs. There are three helmet graphics in the XD4 line: XD4, XD4 Diamante, and XD4 Explore. http://www.araiamericas.com/default.aspx?pageid=57#/helmets/moto/xd4
  15. SCHUBERTH designs and manufacturers every helmet with attention to detail. This is reflected in each and every helmet that comes out of the German factory, including the latest product innovation the SCHUBERTH E1. Whether on the freeway, a country or dirt road; this innovative adventure helmet allows the rider to enjoy the highest level of comfort, maximum safety and astonishing aeroacoustics. ALISO VIEJO, CA – May 10, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Riders have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the SCHUBERTH E1 since its unveiling at the 2015 EICMA show in Milan. The wait is over and it is now on sale at local SCHUBERTH dealers just in time for the start of the season. The E1 unites the functionality and safety of a modern flip-up design with the look, feel and off-road capability of an adventure helmet. The new E1 not only looks like it was built for adventure, it has everything a helmet needs for use off the beaten track too – from the large, multi-position peak to optimal air flow for arduous off-road use. Even though it may not look like it, when the helmet is closed, the chin piece of the E1 can be swivelled up complete with peak and shield. The E1 was developed in SCHUBERTH’s in-house wind tunnel to ensure it features low wind resistance, thus allowing for high speeds on the motorway; and an aerodynamic shape making it very quiet. SCHUBERTH has succeeded in making the modern flip-up helmet fit for adventure. The E1 comes in seven sizes, from XS to XXXL. It is available in five solid colors (matt black, matt anthracite, glossy black, glossy white and glossy silver) for $829, and in Hunter graphics (yellow, blue and red) and Guardian graphics (yellow and red) for $889.
  16. ORLANDO, FL – October 15, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Sena Technologies, Inc., a Bluetooth innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor actives market, debuted today the world’s first Intelligent Noise-Control (INC™) helmet EXCLUSIVELY to the media, dealers and trade members at the 2015 American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) in Orlando. Sena Intelligent Noise-Control Helmet AIMExpo has grown substantially since its inception in 2013, establishing itself as one of the fastest growing trade shows in the U.S. and the largest powersports trade show in North America. Likewise, Sena has shown impressive growth and innovation throughout the past three years, solidifying its position as the global leader in Motorcycle Bluetooth technology. “We’re thrilled to have Sena unveil its latest innovation here at AIMExpo,” said Cinnamon Kernes, AIMExpo Show Director. “They have been an exhibitor and partner since our launch. Choosing AIMExpo as the place to debut their new helmet and taking advantage of the media and dealer presence exemplifies exactly how the AIMExpo platform was intended to be utilized.” New Sena Helment Inside The Sena Helmet will be equipped with innovative smart technology with a premium comfort, ergonomics and finish. The ultra light-weight and durable carbon fiber material provides a high quality and comfortable experience, with ground breaking Intelligent Noise Control (INC™) technology to actively control the loud and damaging noises associated with riding. “We are ecstatic to yet again be pushing innovation with the world’s first true quiet helmet, with our focus as always on creating the safest and best riding experience possible for our customers. It only seemed logical that we unveil this game-changing device at AIMExpo, a place where the entire motorcycle industry has gathered to see the latest innovations to hit the market,” says Sena CEO, Tae Kim. With all of the key features such as optional Bluetooth 4.1 Communication module, ultra light carbon fiber material, Plug & Play (PNP) installation feature for the INC™ and the patented Sena Bluetooth Technology, users can enjoy their ride like never before. Additional new products being showcased at AIMExpo include the 10S, 10R, 10U, Wristband, Handlebar Remote Controls, and Prism Tube. AIMExpo opens its doors to the general public this Saturday, October 17 (9 a.m. – 7 p.m.) and Sunday, October 19 (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.) where enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see all-new products from more than 500 unique exhibitors and demo a wide variety of two- and four-wheel, on- and off-road models at AIMExpo Outdoors! Tickets are available online at AIMExpoUSA.com or on-site at the Orange County Convention Center.
  17. ALISO VIEJO, CA - October 15, 2015 - (Motor Sports Newswire) - Schuberth North America is proud to introduce the E1 Adventure helmet, marking the first Schuberth helmet designed specifically for enduro and adventure motorcyclists. Their latest innovation in head protection technology, Schuberth’s E1 offers the comfort, flexibility and safety of a modern flip-up helmet while meeting the requirements for off-road use. The E1 offers adventure riders a premium modular helmet designed to perform when the ride leaves the pavement. The Schuberth design team developed the E1 in Schuberth’s proprietary aeroacoustics lab, resulting in a helmet optimized for both aerodynamic and aeroacoustic performance. Schuberth’s Anti-Roll-Off System keeps the helmet in place, while the removable and washable inner lining allows riders to keep their helmet clean in between adventures. One of the most innovative features is the fully articulating peak visor, which can be adjusted to three different positions independently from the face shield and chin bar. The E1 can be worn with both the faceshield and peak in place, or riders may opt to easily remove either piece for the ride. The E1 also features a closable air vent in the chin bar to ensure that riders get enough air as the ride intensifies, while a removable and washable filter will help clean the air in dirty and dusty conditions. The E1 includes a built-in antenna for Schuberth’s SRC-System PRO. Utilizing the latest in Cardo communication technology, the Bluetooth® SRC-System serves as an intercom with other riders and can connect to a GPS unit, MP3 player or mobile phone for navigation, music listening or phone calls. The fiberglass shell will be available in 5 solid colors and 2 graphics with 5 colorways for a total of 10 helmet options. Schuberth also offers a variety of tinted face shields, which are easily removed and replaced using Schuberth’s quick change system. The E1 Adventure will be available in XS-XXXL sizes, with two different shell sizes. Prices will be $829 USD for solid colors and $889 USD for graphics. In addition to launching the E1, Schuberth North America is also unveiling the 2016 Held USA lineup. Joining the expansive collection of Held jackets, pants, gloves, boots, protection and luggage will be Held’s new 2in1 jackets and pants. Utilizing Held’s unique dual chamber design found in several glove models, the new pieces will allow riders to opt for waterproof and wind protection or lightweight venting in a single jacket or pant. Learn more about Schuberth North America’s lineup of Schuberth helmets and Held apparel and luggage by visiting www.SchuberthNorthAmerica.com.
  18. 1 review

    Features > Aerodynamic shell design, constructed using advanced poly alloy plastic for lightweight and strength > Compound-curved, scratch resistant and optically correct shield protects against UV rays > Shield can be removed to allow open face riding or goggle use > 9 points of ventilation air inlets & exhaust ports, force cooling air through the shell's interior > Hi-air velocity chin vent with dirt filtering synthetic and metal mesh > DOT & ECE approved > Weighs approximately 3.35 lbs / 1.5 kg
  19. 1 review

    LLS2's MX453 Adventure gets it done with a lightweight fiberglass tri-composite shell, moisture-wicking technical fabric liner, and a flip-up face shield to protect you from the elements. The MX style shell offers more clearance in the chin area to allow you to breathe when working hard off-road. The chin vents and top vents are fully adjustable, so you can get just the amount of air you need, and there's an exhaust port at the back for true, flow-through ventilation. Cheek pads are cut from one solid block of high-quality foam using LS2's 3D Laser Technology for a secure and precise fit. The peak is designed specifically to allow air to flow through so it won't lift at high speeds, but still protects you from roost or branches. Every ride should be an adventure and the MX453 can help make the adventure more fun, no matter how brutal the ride is. Best blend of features of an off-road helmet and a street helmet so you can have better control over the elements while you explore the world. > Lightweight, tri-composite fiberglass shell. > Ultra-large eye port for better visibility. > Peak to block the sun and debris has large opening to avoid lift and drag, to help the rider stay fresher and avoid fatigue. > Fully adjustable flow-through ventilation. > LONG OVAL FIT. > DOT / ECE approved. Five-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Note: Sold with Clear shield, other colors and tints sold separately. Manufacturer Link: http://ls2helmets.us/_live/products/off-road-helmets/92-products/motocross/114-mx453
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    Shoei RF-1200 Helmet - Solid The pinnacle of perfection, the RF-1200 represents the culmination of 56 years of helmet heritage and has been designed, from its inception, to be an industry leader in comfort, performance and protection. The wind tunnel tested shell has been optimized to provide a compact and aerodynamic shape, reducing wind-noise, buffeting and weight. Shoei has not only designed the RF-1200 to be one of the most comfortable helmets on the market, but also one of the safest, meeting both DOT and SNELL M2010 safety standards. Whether you are a track day enthusiast or cross-country cruiser, the RF-1200 will allow you to ride with confidence, freeing you to concentrate on the road and most importantly....enjoy the ride. Slim And Light Weight Design One of the most important features of a quality helmet is that you hardly know it’s there protecting your head. Shoei has reduced the weight of the RF-1200 by using a slimmer design and building a distinct line into the side of the helmet that also serves as an accent. As a result, the new Shoei RF-1200 is lighter than any other Snell certified helmet in the current Shoei lineup. Shell Construction The slim design of the Shoei RF-1200, with its distinct accent cut line, widens the bottom of the helmet to help ease the process of putting the RF-1200 on or taking it off. Further advancing the comfort of the AIM+ shell is the industry leading four shell sizes that the Shoei RF-1200 comes in. The impact-absorbing dual liner consists of two layers incorporating different densities, helping to effectively balance the potential impact applied to the more rigid shell. Quietness Through advancements in the aerodynamic shape, improved interior linings and a new and improved shield system the rider will experience a very quiet and comfortable riding experience. The interior of the RF-1200 has achieved a balance of a comfortably soft fit and a firm, stable hold. The new design of the cheek pads also improves the motion of the neck, thus helping the rider to check traffic behind him/her for example. Shield System The CWR-1 Pinlock shield features ribs on top and bottom of the shield to improve rigidity and eliminate bending of the shield caused by wind pressure or the opening and closing of the shield. Independent beading in the top and sides of the Shoei RF-1200 help to keep the seal of the shield tight and eliminate any excess air. In addition to the CWR-1 shield, Shoei has developed a new base plate for the RF-1200. The Quick-Release Self-Adjusting base plate is spring-loaded and pulls the shield back onto the helmet, sealing it tightly against wind and rain. The addition of a five-stage rotating dial allows for fine tuning of the base place for easy shield adjustments. Ventilation A large lower three position vent, three upper air vent intakes and four uniquely positioned upper exhaust outlet vents combine with the Dual Density EPS liner to allow cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in the EPS liner. Features: Four shell sizes Dual density EPS liner Superior ventilation 3D Max-Dry System II Liner E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System) CWR-1 Shield System Neatly secure chin strap Includes Pinlock pins and lens insert Includes breath guard and chin curtain Snell M2010 and DOT Certified
  21. From the album: MSR XPedition Helmet Give-Away Contest

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    I've been riding for for about 28 years on many different genres of bikes - from dirt, to cruiser, to crotch rocket. I have to say, this bike is by far the best I have had the pleasure of owning and riding. It's versatility, quality, and capability coupled with it's reasonable price point make it a win win!
  23. Not sure about you, but I live in a bright, sunny climate, so I prefer to sport a dark helmet face shield for daytime riding. However, in the summer, it's not all to common for me to start riding before sun up or just before dusk. The problem then becomes, which face shield should I install for the changing lighting conditions? I NEED both a clear and dark shield, but I typically pick the one that works for the majority of the lighting conditions that I'll be riding. Hardly ideal. It appears that the folks at AGV are testing the use of a visor that utilizes an ultra thin LCD screen that can change from clear to tinted instantly with the push of a button. Here's a video of the unit in action. Skip to 1:20 if you just want to see the demo. The visor can stay in the tint mode for up to 12 hours, run in stand-by mode for hundreds of hours, and is rechargeable. The release of this product should be next month and pricing should be around $225.00 US. But, it's only going to be compatible for AGV Pista GP, Corsa and GT Veloce helmets. Hopefully we'll see this tech become more widely available. I know that it would benefit me personally a lot. What do you think about this product? Photo By motorcyclenews.com
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