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Tusk Motorcycle Wheel Balancing and Truing Stand Reviews

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TN Traveler


I purchased this stand after looking at several different ones, I chose this one for the price and it seemed to have the features I wanted, and after all I could send it back if I didn't like it. Well it won't be going back, as I'm aware there are better more expensive ones out there, but I don't use one enough to warrant those, and I have no complaints with this one, It is solid and stable and I purchased it from Rocky Mtn Atv which has a warehouse in Ky so I get my goodies usually in 2 days and I have had great service from them.


Assembly was straight forward, a base, 2 towers with bearings attached, 4 feet, a pointer and a bubble level. Install 4 bolts and screw in the 4 feet and its ready to go. It comes with a rod that runs through the center of the wheel and has 2 cones that slide up and secure the wheel in place, then you have 2 collars that slide out against the bearings that keep it from sliding side to side, actually they sit against the bolts that hold the bearings in place which produces a little roughness when turning, so I moved my collars to the outside of the towers which worked a lot better. It comes with a pointer that can be used to give you a reference for where to adjust if truing a wheel, I personally opted for the dial gauge to get a better reference. The dial has a magnetic base with a switch to turn the magnet on and off so installing it is as simple as positioning it and turning a knob, the dial is fully adjustable so it can be put either side in any position, and it is very sensitive, maybe a little to much. You have 2 width settings with the towers, so I don't see why it wouldn't work on any rim.


For balancing a tire you don't install the lock collars as they do produce some friction, but your not worried about the wheel moving side to side either. I haven't balanced a tire yet but with just the wheel on it spins very smoothly and freely, so I don't see a problem there, works fine with my 21" front, not sure how big of a rim/tire will fit on it.  My conclusion, I'm very satisfied and would buy it again, don't see why an individual would need anything better. Cheers

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