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Hammerhead Designs CNC Shift Levers Reviews

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How do you ride your bike without a shift lever? Well... it can be done with a set of ViseGrips, but not recommended. The OEM shift lever on my R1200GSA is a cast aluminum lever with a fixed tip. If this fixed tip comes in contact with a hard object, it can bed or worse yet... BREAK OFF! Then what!?

This Hammerhead shifter is crated with a flexible tip allowing hard objets to flex the head instead of bending or breaking it off. These Hammerhead levers are also available in custom lengths:
-5mm = Short
- OEM Lenght
+5mm size 8 boots
+10mm size 9 boots (what is pictured here)
+15mm for size 11 boots
+20mm for size 13+ boots

Bonus is that is comes in several colors and is less expensive than stock!

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Great product for folks with larger feet, and is a lot less expensive than the BMW stock shifter if you need to replace it.

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