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Lockstraps Universal Cable Strap Lock Reviews

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Eric Hall


I don't like having to lug my big heavy jacket with me every time I park the bike, so at the recent IMS show in Long Beach I brought along this strap lock from Lockstraps.  It doesn't weigh much or take up much space, so I don't mind stowing it in my tank bag.  Locking my jacket is very quick and easy and I eventually (I'm kinda slow) figured out I could lock my helmet too!  I just feed the strap through one or both sleeves of my jacket then through the strap ring and a ring on my bike.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


The strap has a steel cable running through it that thieves will find nearly impossible to cut through.  I participated in a demo with a pair of bolt cutters that easily cut through a Masterlock cable but would NOT cut through this.


A RTW adv rider friend of mine recently had his helmet stolen so I wanted to find something to keep that from happening to me as well.

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