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Marmot Haven 2P Reviews

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Eric Hall

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Death Valley Apr15 256


I've had this tent since May '12 and it's been my "small tent" for camping off the bike.


It's unique in that the floor detaches from the shelter which can give you 15 oz of weight savings, but what that also means is the top is essentially detached from the bottom.  The good part about that is that it gives you ventilation.  The bad is that it can also let in bugs, snakes and other critters.  The only time that was a problem though was camping near a lake I got eaten alive by mosquitos.  So it may be something I get in my next small tent to have a fully enclosed space if not simply for peace of mind.


Set up is a breeze and it packs quite small; small enough to fit in my Wolfman Rocky Mountain panniers.


I also like the low profile which is great when the wind picks up.


Bottom line:  Great value and decent function but neg's are the top/bottom aren't attached.


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