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Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots Reviews

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I've been wearing these boots for 2 years now as a guide in my moto tour business (www.boliviamotors.com) in Bolivia and have found them very comfortable and durable - both key things when you wear them as much as i do. I agree with Eric about the inner booties which i have found excellent for wearing to breakfast in the morning or to the first beer in the evening. There seems to be two versions though - i have a white pair which have extra ventilation in the top via holes which means these boots are not waterproof or even water resistant. I have heard the black ones don't have then venting and withstand water better. 

Overall, very comfortable, the buckles have lasted well and show no signs of giving up and the soles are also wearing very well. I'll probably replace with the same again when i need another pair. 

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Eric Hall

Do you know the story of how Alpinestars got its start in the moto world?  As I learned from the documentary, John Penton went looking for a different boot maker in this small Italian town and bumped into the Alpinestars guy (known for their ski boots), told him what he wanted which eventually became the hugely popular Hi Point (now SuperVictory) boot.  The rest, they say, is history.




But we're here to talk about the Tech 10 boots.  Overall I'd say great construction, performance and fit.  But one simply has to see the video with its dizzying array of technical innovations...



I will cover which of these I feel are relevant to me as an adventure rider

  • Sleek so no snags; nothing to deflect the foot

  • Flexibility but also strength where you want it

  • Easier shifting & improved feel & control for braking

  • Grip & durability in sole area; replaceable inserts on sole

  • Inner suede and rubber area designed to give maximum surface area for gripping bike (control)

  • Leather  microfiber gator to help keep out dirt & water

  • Shin & calf incorporate dual blade flex system; protects against hyperextension & flexion & impacts to achilles area

  • Bio-mechanical ankle brace with medial and lateral dual pivot torsion bars allow for natural freedom of movement but also provide progressive damping that mediates harmful torsional forces


They claim to be  the "winningest motocross boot in history" and while I'm not a racer, I still think I'm the type of rider suited for these boots given the weight of the bike and the types of technical terrain I ride.  There's adventure touring then there's what I like to call adventure enduro.  I had a bad injury with my right achilles three and a half years ago so I was looking to get a boot with more achilles protection than the BMW Rallye 3 (Forma Dominator Comp) boots I had, so I got the Gaerne SG12's, a fine boot but they're three years old now.


I have also seen a host of ankle and tib/fib fractures and wanted something that gave me maximum protection.  Just this past weekend, as a matter of fact, a rider with us broke an ankle wearing a different mfg's boot.


This boot has an inner bootie, something I got used to w/my first boots and quite handy to be able to walk a short distance to your tent from a bench if you have to.


In terms of comfort, the boots have been quite nice without a single issue during break-in.  I'm a size 11 normally and got size 12 boot and it's perfect.  In terms of walkability, it's very easy to walk in but not going to attempt a hike.  If you want a boot you can comfortably walk around in for an extended period of time then you may want either their Tech 7 or Corozal boot.


These boots are also not waterproof but are water-resistant.  If I lived in a wet climate then I'd be more interested in something waterproof.


Price:  At $600 (one could always wait for a sale) these are clearly not inexpensive.  Are they worth the price?  I would have to say yes given my achilles tendon injury which was costly and took a long time to heal.  I was lucky I didn't need surgery.  My perception of the durability suggests to me these will last another three to five years easily.  However, I'd also suggest maybe waiting for that annual sale if you really want to save a dollar.


Bottom Line:  I truly love these boots.  They were among two or three I was considering and have no regrets.  They are perfectly suited for the big bike enduro rider.

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