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Sena Technologies Prism Tube Reviews

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Eric Hall

  • 5

I'm very impressed with this little camera, especially the overall value give its $120 price tag.  The video is better quality than I've seen from a friend's Contour.


1080p is all you need for an action camera and I thought I'd be disappointed with the 30fps speed but as you can see from the video, it's not bad at all.


It's very easy to turn on/off even with a gloved hand.


The microphone (kind of like with the new GoPro Hero 5) will distinguish between the in-helmet mic and the external one for the best sound in an effort to keep the wind noise common with other cameras out.


This particular camera from Sena does not have Bluetooth so that means you can't talk with other riders or synch with your phone/gps but it's very handy for someone like me who likes to video blog or vlog from the helmet.


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