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Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent Reviews

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I got the chance to use this Big Bad Boy a couple weeks ago. I can say it is a very well made tent. Setting it up is not too bad once you get a few times on it. There is a ton of space for one person, I had my Thermarest cot inside and had plenty of room for another. The height is nice as well, I am 6'1" and being able to stand up is nice. The Vestibule is a nice place for gear and bags or whatever. I have a small tent for 1 nighters but I am already spoiled by this tent. It is not that small to pack up and at 12+ Lbs it is not light, but depending on your camping system it may fit the bill. I would recommend this tent to just about anyone and that means people that are not motorcycle types as well because of the space that is available. Price is fair when compared to good quality tents out there.

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