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Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T Rear Reviews

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This review is based upon my use of this tire on a 2016 KTM 1190 Adventure R. In one word... "Velcro." Interesting story... so I was sold on the Desert H/T 140 tubed version on my KTM 950se and rode that for YEARS. Way better than a Rally Raid for traction and for mileage. Well... That was until the Tractionator Adventure was released, which gives me over 5k miles per tire. Needed to toss my K60 Scout's on the 1190... and hearing of a new 150 Tubeless version of the Desert H/T, I was stoked!!!  I have been on it for about a month now and have burned 2k miles on this set of Tubeless Desert H/T tires.  I think for "daily use" the Tractionator Adventure tire will be my tire... But in those situations where a supper knobby tire is needed... this 150 Desert H/T Tubeless tire is my new Go-To tire. BadAss is a bit of an understatement. I ran this tire at the maximum recommended tire pressure for three days before taking it Hard Core Off Road for a weekend.  For those first three days I rode it at max pressure and it was a bit bumpy and stiff, but that was to be expected. Rode two days in the dry and one day in the rain.  Thankfully it stuck to the asphalt WAY better than a K60 Scout, which is what came off to put these tires on. But... what other tire wouldn't stick better ;)   Totally aired up... it was good.  Once we got to the Off-Road section of our trip, I aired down to 22psi and it was like VELCRO in the dirt! Rode from Chaparral Motorsports, where the tire was purchased and installed, up the 215 to the Cleighorn dirt road. Up and over the mountains to Lake Arrowhead and then we continued over to a little western town called Poineertown. If you have never been there, you have go tot check it out! Pioneertown is amazing!  Leaving Pioneertown we rode hard core dual sport tracks and once on pavement we "road raced" to our destination. The following morning we tore up the mountains for about half the day before hitting the highway home. I can say these tires are loud like a prop plane on the highway, but they do stick to the ground and handle really well. In the dirt they are unrivaled. They work and they work well. I will run the Adventure tire as my "commute and easy weekend" tire and if headed out for a serious 950 / 990 / 1190 ride, these Desert H/T tires will for sure be installed! Nice work Motoz!!! - Kyle

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