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SmartMimic MimicGo Personal Security Device Reviews

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Eric Hall


I got a chance to review this product (prototype) from a company called SmartMimic called the MimicGo.  The device says "Mimic" so that may be the name they eventually go with.

It's essentially a little security device you can put wherever you like that will sense motion, location and temperature that lets you keep track of your stuff from anywhere in the world.  It's probably most similar to the Trace from Spot.

For adventure motorcyclists it seems the best application would be placing it inside your tank bag and/or panniers to keep an eye on either your bike or your possessions.  Just use the app on your phone to activate the alarm and when triggered an alarm will sound on the device along with lights that flash and then your phone app will also sound an alarm and allow you to see where your stuff is (or is walking off to).

Considering this retails for $79 and requires no subscription, I'd say it's an excellent value.

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