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TrailForm Chameleon Backpack/Chair Reviews

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Eric Hall


Happy to have had the opportunity to try this product out and give it a review here!  You're looking at an award winning combination backpack/chair called the Chameleon from TrailForm.  It's quite simply a backpack that can be transformed into a chair.

It's not necessarily the type of backpack I'd wear for heavy off road riding but more to and from a campsite and/or rally.  I used it at Overland Expo and found it extremely handy as the campground was a half mile from the exhibit area and walking back and forth a few times at altitude will really wear you out!  So I was able to take my water, food, etc... with me as well as had a place to sit down during the day.

I go to many hot springs and beaches too so it's a handy thing to have for occasions like that.

It holds a hydration pack very well (suspended inside) with a hole to feed the drink tube.  It has plenty of outside pockets as well as a top zipper compartment that also has a rain-proof cover should you need it.

Overall, I think it's a well designed product made from tough, high quality materials.  I got a lot of questions from people who saw it so I think TrailForm is onto something here.


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