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Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro 2016 Reviews

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Friends have asked me on several occasions my views about my experience in Italy with the new model Multistrada 1200 Enduro. Below I summarize my experience about it.
Some time ago I was one of 14 selected by Ducati Italy around the world for its activity anniversary #Globetrotter90 in Florence. A tremendous experience that despite not being within 7 finalists to perform the activity was very enriching for my development as a rider and a life experience in general.


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 Among the evidence that we had prepared could test in real conditions and various new big bike of the Italian brand that seeks to enter the segment of large-displacement ADVENTURE where there are large consolidated models widely known. A tremendous commitment to enter an area little known to the brand as is the Offroad and that certainly made a great development.
I will appoint positive aspects that caught my attention and aspects to improve my experience and technique. All this does not mean that it's bad or apply to all riding criteria.
Positive aspects


  • It has four modes, Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro. These modes regulate power, traction control. It also has ABS with cornering function and 'antiwheelie'
  • Motor, those 135Nm of torque 160HP and feel. They are very attractive when love sporty driving. His power is felt from lower ranks to very high, their delivery is a little rough but it's something I like
  • Electronics, is a fairly complete electronic and allows extensive seteos and degrees of assistance. For example, you can set your suspension front and rear independently. The degrees of driver assistance as traction control or ABS are also very broad in their range and can also disconnect
  • Wizard Hill-starting, prevents the bike from rolling backwards when the march begins
  • The 25º launch angle makes it very agile but a little more 'nervous', for it brings a steering damper. On open roads Off I think it is not an advantage
  • It comes with a Bluetooth system that allows you to connect your phone and also share some information through an app
  • LED lights with directional function to assist in cornering (like the KTM 1290 Super Adventure)
  • SmartKeys

Aspects to improve

  • Menu is not intuitive. Brings many configuration options but it is not easy to operate, it may be customized
  • Rider seat is hard
  • Perhaps some can disturb him their standard seat height is 870mm ground but has 2 more options (850 and 890mm optional)
  • Flashers in the covers fists, a point too exposed when we OFF especially falls. That without thinking about its price
  • On occasion the screen visibility is lost, it can be with some specific angles of light or when you stand up
  • Unlike many I found a good touch on the suspension, especially up front. Despite its 200 mm of travel felt strange when Rebound stops also its angle of attack is a little smaller than others
  • The pond is very high and also is wide, with my height (1.70mts.) To stand up and hits a dynamic driving a lot in my area also bow low to do.
  • Weight, with approximately 255kgs/562 lbs added to a center of gravity in my opinion high at low speeds and locked areas feel
  • I think not seriously thought about the option of a top case with a firm base. Its standard grill is very small and not a handbag looks good
  • The original panniers think that compensate the above but they are giants
  • I'm surprised it doesn't have tire pressure sensors as its rivals. But if brings a small puncture repair kit under the passenger seat.
  • The price of the bike is quite high to be considered within the possibilities of the market (from USD 22k).

I could give many more details but this is a summary that I hope you like it, if you want other details I will be open to answer if they are within my reach.
I am an off road instructor in Chile with Iturra Offroad School so if you're ever in that part of the world, please check us out!  Don't forget that training is the best farkle you can buy!  


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