R1200GS LC Spark Plug Change

The new liquid cooled R1200 motors have 2 spark plugs that are recommended for replacement every 12,000 mile interval. This is a very simple service that requires minimal skill and tools.

What you need: Torx set, 3/8 ratchet, 3/8 extension socket, 14mm deep socket, zip ties, and work gloves. (Optional but recommended) Torque wrench with either Newton Meters, or Inch pounds.

1. Start by removing your crash bars on each side of the motor. Below is the standard crash bars from BMW. If you don't have them then lucky you :)


2. Remove the coil pack covers on each side.


3. Remove the connector that goes to each coil pack. Simply lift the tab up on the retainer clip and pull the connector out.


4. What I did next was wrap two zip ties around the head of each coil pack. Made sure it's not putting any pressure on the connector, I slowly pulled the coil pack outward until it popped out. Make sure you use gloves, the zip ties can take skin off once your pulling.


5. Use your 3/8 ratchet, 3/8 extension, and the 14mm deep socket. Remove spark plug.


6. If your using a torque wrench set it to 12Nm or 106 in lb. Place the new spark plug in the socket and tighten it down finger tight first then apply torque.


7. Do the same with the opposite cylinder and put everything back together.

Edited by Rogers

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