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Leatt SNX neck brace



Hi everyone,

Here are two videos my wife and I found when we were doing research before I purchased the Leatt neck brace.(Click in the links)

The search all started when my wife Elsa was in a car wreck last November that totaled her Mini and seriously aggravated an existing neck issue she had. It really got me thinking about how fragile our bodies are as we head off into the back country on our 600+ lb adventure bikes loaded down with gear.

I for one, have always followed the rule of ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time). While in the military, they required us to “show no skin below the chin” plus wear reflective/brightly colored outer clothing while on the instillation. It’s something that has become second nature to me. Venturing off road in the back country only increases the possibility of something going wrong, especially without quick access to paramedic services.

The neck brace I purchased from RevZilla was the Leatt SNX.


There are a few reasons why I picked this particular one( and no,it’s not because it only comes in black and orange )

The SNX is actually designed for snowmobiles and meant to be worn over your jacket, the same way we ride on/off road in our protective street gear. It also has the same “shelf” angle as the off road designed neck braces for upright sitting on our bikes. Leatt makes a few other neck braces that fit over the jacket for road racing but they are designed for the full tuck of a sport bike on the track.

Watching the videos really showed me the science that goes into the design. Yes, they are fairly expensive , but like a good helmet, I think it’s worth it to spend the money for safety’s sake. I’ve worn the neck brace a few times now and I have to say it’s very comfortable! More so than my helmet. I actually forget I’m even wearing it.

In doing my research we also found an article written by a medical doctor that did a journey from Alaska to Argentina. He was in what could have been a life ending crash but credits his neck brace with saving his life. Yes he did break his arm/wrist very badly but he’s alive because of the neck brace. Read the full story—-> here

So when you see me out at events, you’ll know why I’m wearing the Leatt neck brace. You’ll see Elsa in one too once she is all healed up and back on two wheels.


Ride smart, Ride safe


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Mr. Phil Davy. We've done business together and more loosely, friends. He's genuinely a good guy, passionate about the sport, and a solid rider himself. Leatt is unlucky to have lost him to MSR (Tucker Rocky).


I currently don't wear a neck brace, but it's something that I've thought about more than once. This is just a good reminder. It only takes a fraction of a second to have a life changing experience, that's for sure.

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I will, once I have worn it a little more. I'm doing the Desert 100 Adventure/Dual Sport poker run in Odessa Wa. tomorrow.  I will have the SNX and my new EVS RS9 Pro knee braces on. I hope to do a review on both.

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