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The Olympic Forest ride was our 3rd Annual “High Steel Bridge to The Wynoochie Dam ride for BBQ”



It was an awesome day for the PNW Super Tenere Owners group!

We had a large group of 22 bikes, (18 of which were Super Teneres) riding in the Olympic National Forrest

We want to send out a huge thank you to the crew at Brothers Yamaha in Bremerton Wa. that opened up 30 min early and had breakfast waiting for us. The sale on gear was extremely appreciated!

Mike Gebhart started off the ride by showing us one of his favorite routes along North Shore Rd to get us warmed up on some most excellent twisty dirt. Thanks Mike!

Back on the pavement along both sides of the Hood Canal thru Belfair and Union, we stopped on the Skokomish Indian Reservation for a top off of fuel and snack before heading into the woods. While we were there, a nice lady in a blue van pulled up and saw all the Altrider stickers on our bikes and asked if we had done the

, it was Mary the awesome chef that helped make those events very memorable.

At the high steel bridge, we split into two groups to take different routes cutting down the 22 bike conga line and dust. 35 miles of a fine mix of dirt and gravel with a few rocky parts kept everyone on there toes( most were standing anyway). A couple guys had slow speed tip overs and only one needed a roadside repair to zip tie his luggage rack back on.

We did pass about a dozen other Adventure riders on Triumphs and BMW’s, it’s nice to see others out.

We all made it to the Wynoochie Dam as scheduled but a few had to get back to family so they headed home. The rest of us stopped for one last photo op at a vista that overlooked the Wynoochie valley. The Wynoochie Valley road from the dam to Montesano is a real gem in the PNW, it’s 35 miles of glorious curves, the northern half is new pavement that’s wide and pristine while the lower half is much tighter with a few blind corners. You’ll be smiling the entire way.

The Ranch house BBQ didn’t fail to deliver. Nothing beats a full belly after a long day in the saddle.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 11.26.32 AM.png

_DSC1403.JPG_DSC1406.JPG_DSC1416.JPG_DSC1426.JPG11209655_10153263879057988_3844637714688110511_n.jpg11249917_10206187176815393_4681146329087520137_n.jpg11206013_10206187176615388_942167445149942447_n.jpg_DSC1427.JPG_DSC1436.JPG 11219025_10205492775332453_3102946265465252933_n.jpg


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