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Pirelli Scorpion Trail Reviews

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Bryan Bosch

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This is the stock tire on my 2013 Triumph Tiger 800XC. In terms of on-road performance, no complaints. Smooth and offers up more traction than I'm willing to push past in the twisties. Very confidence inspiring, both cornering and braking, wet and dry.


In terms of off-road performance, in central Florida, we have packed sandy soil and loose sugar sand. I've ridden both and I was pretty surprised how well this tire does! It's not confidence inspiring in the corners as speed increases, but with some skill and smooth inputs, they get me where I want to go. I can even stop in sugar sand and kick/scratch my way moving without too much drama. Considering it's 95% street, 5% off-road, I'd say that Pirelli is exceeding expectations with this tire. When I know that I'm going off-road, I do drop tire pressures down a bit, but still at 80-85% of the suggested street pressures in the owner's manual.


As far as wear goes, I only have a little over a thousand miles on them and since we have little to no rock when riding off-road, I expect them to wear very, very well. As of now, there isn't any real visible wear with the naked eye.


If you mostly ride road, dry hardpacked soil and even some shorter sections of sand, this tire is a good choice. I've not had it in mud, but I suspect that it would turn its belly up quickly in these conditions. ADV tires are all about compromise, so be honest with yourself of how aggressively you ride and in what conditions. I suspect that this tire will serve the needs well of a lot of ADV riders.

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I'm riding the Pirelli Scorpion Trail II.

Pirelli wanted to make a good, solid allroad tyre. The rear tyre thread is made of a compound material with a high about of silica in there. The front tyre thread is made of single compound material with 100% silica. Pirelli wanted you to have grip in dry and wet conditions. They also wanted you to ride around with a pretty thread. Pirelli even cut in a little scorpion symbol in the tyre and placed a nice red one on the walls of the tyre.

The Pirelli Scorpion Trail II makes it a little easier to slam your bike into the corners. This could also make you feel a little unsure in the beginning. It has the tendency to “fall” into the corner and it feels a bit slippy this way. But it catches you very quickly and you can open the throttle nice and good coming out of the corner section.


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