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Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start XP-10 Reviews

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Eric Hall


This thing could probably jump start a 747!  It can surely jump start a diesel truck.


I got this as a gift and thought I'd just use it to charge my phone and GoPro off the bike each night but we actually ended using one to jump start a bike in Baja.


When fully charged, this thing lasts about 5 days; longer if you're not charging from it every night.


The case comes with a plethora of power adapters for all kinds of electronics.  The only downside so far is that there's no adapter for an Apple laptop.  It also has a light, which is always handy around the tent or campsite.


I find myself even using this around the house like when my phone is nearly dead and I want to still be able to use it on the couch or something and not be tethered to a wall socket.  My kids use it in the car too because my cigarette USB plug only has two ports and we have our three+ devices.  One of the USB ports is 5v/2amp and the other is 5v/1 amp.  The two other power output ports are one 19v/3.5amp and one 12v/10amp.  Apple laptops are 16V, hence no adapter for that.


John Colyer gave this to me as a gift and he ended up buying himself one of the smaller and lighter ones for himself.

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