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Wolfman Luggage Rolie Bags Reviews

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Eric Hall

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I've have my Rolie bag for about three years now.  I got it to carry tubes and irons mostly for when I don't want to ride with panniers, but I've used it to hold a lot more in other situations.


I also used the same bag when I was in Bolivia as my ONLY thing to stuff my gear in.  We were on XR650's and they don't really hold that big of a load.  I fit shoes, a few pairs of socks, underwear, a few poly shirts, toiletries, another jersey, sunscreen, etc...  You know you're trusting that bag to be waterproof when you're floating down an Amazonian river for three days :)


What I like about the bag is it has these cool little claws that hook right under my rear rack, so it's not going anywhere.  The straps are still just as good as the day I bought it.


I cannot think of a think that's not likable about this bag.

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