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Eric Hall


I admit it.  I was sucked in by the Raiden mini-feature video that showed these two guys in their ICON Raiden Patrol suits on sooped up Tigers riding all over the place.


One of the main reasons I wanted it was actually because I was tired of looking like every other noob in my BMW Rallye suit :)  I thought this would be a good jacket and looked good at the same time.


I found it of very good quality as well.  It's very sturdy and has very good armor and ventilation.  It's very comfortable to wear and with the inner liner, very warm as well.


On the down side, it was a bit too warm for me to wear here in SoCal when it was warm to hot.  A very good colder weather jacket but not from May-October here.


Another thing that turned me off was what may attract others and that's those stupid sponsor patches.  As if.  As if I'm a sponsored rider.  I thought those were the dumbest things possible and was trying to find that color but without the patches.  No dice.  So I removed the patches myself with a seam-ripper.  That seemed like a good idea at the time but it was hard to get all the colored thread out of that white background and the holes left by the stitching meant that it was no longer waterproof.


The rear water reservoir is really just a pocket; you have to provide your own bladder (no big deal).  And it is small, but then considering you're not going to drink as much water when it's colder, not a huge problem.


I never did get the hood either.  I took it off and never wore it again.


Other than that, I still think it's a very good jacket and I still wear mine.

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