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XLADV Reflective Sticker Reviews

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Bryan Bosch

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I stuck a pair on my 2013 Triumph Tiger 800XC and it instantly dropped 126lbs., gained 16hp, and I now ride as well as Chris Birch. I'd say that these stickers are nothing short of amazing! ;)


Excellent quality & printing and strong adhesive. It's good sticker for a great site. What's not to like?

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Nate J.

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This sticker looks great! It has XLADV's logo carefully printed on heavy vinyl material with an adhesive back. The quality is exceptional, and to the naked eye it appears that the sticker is perfectly circular. Upon closer inspection with a graduated rule I find that the sticker is exactly 2" in diameter (that's 51mm for the metric folks.) It is beyond me what was used for the pre-applied adhesive on the back, but it is very clear to me that once the sticker is affixed to a surface it will stay in place quite securely. I don't expect this sticker to ever fall off my pannier un-aided by a host of nasty chemicals.

The manufacturer didn't stop at adhesive wizardry however. By some feat of what I'm going to call magic, they have somehow managed to find a way for the sticker to emanate light from the silver portions of the sticker unaided by any sort of chemical or electrical energy. They are really on to something here.

You can't go wrong with this sticker. Considering the quality of the material, the high quality adhesive, and the magical light producing properties these are a steal at $3.00

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