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Pivot Pegz MK3 Foot Pegs Reviews

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Eric Hall


I bought these pegs three years ago and they are still as good as new.  They're made from polished stainless steel and look great.


The main benefit of any after-market peg is going to be simply size.  This peg is definitely wider (60mm) than stock, but more importantly, pivots 20 degrees to either side.  This still gives you ample feedback, but a bit more control as you have 100% contact with the peg whether you're leaning forward or back.  Some say it's easier to shift too.  Some prefer fixed pegs.  I kind of like the pivot feature.


What was really cool was a few months later I found out you can lower them from 10-12 mm (depending on your bike).  It seems minor, but when I did that I noticed a big improvement in my riding comfort and control.  I'm a tall guy so I could use as much vertical height (from peg to hand grip) as I can get.

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