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Wolfman Luggage Blackhawk Tankbag Reviews

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Nate J.


Previously I had a magnetic tank bag that I really liked, but the bumps of the trail removed it from it's perch just one too many times. I needed a strap mount tank bag that would stay put on the trail. Wolfman's Blackhawk tank bag seemed to fit the bill, so I pulled the trigger.

This bag is very well made. The 1680 Denier P/U coated ballistic fabric is very heavy and looks like it will put up with a lot of abuse. The zippers for the main compartment, and the hidden front pocket, are quite large, with meaty teeth that look like they will last a long time without losing teeth or binding. The zipper pulls are nice and large with bright yellow pulls making them easy to find against the black bag for easy opening. There is reflective stitching along the sides and rear of the bag that stand out well and add another layer of visibility at night

The lid has a flap that overlaps the zipper by almost an inch helping to seal out the elements. When the bag is new this flap is a bit tricky to work the zipper around, but as the bag breaks in the flap gets more flexible and moves out of the way of the zipper a bit easier. Even with the flap this bag isn't waterproof though - Wolfman does make a custom fit rain cover though which is available separately.

For an 8 Litre tank bag, I was pleasantly surprised that the map cover is actually useable as... well a map cover! You can actually fit a map inside, and it is easily visible through the clear cover. There's also an adjustable bunjie across the top that you can use to hold your gloves during fueling, or quick breaks which is a nice touch.

The underside of the bag is well contoured for sloped tanks with an effective non-slip coating on the underside. The curvature fits the tank on my Tenere like a glove - so much so that I'm convinced that the Tenere's tank was used as the mold to create the bag. Quite possible actually seeing as the product photo on Wolfman's website shows the bag mounted on a Tenere.

The interior of the bag is silver making it easy to find objects inside. Pretty simple with nothing more than a key clip and a zippered mesh pocket to keep things organized. I would have liked to see more of an organizer similar to my previous tankbag inside the lid rather than one big mesh pocket, but it works.

The bags best feature? The front of the bag (the part facing the rider) is sloped back and away from the rider. This shape very effectively keeps the bag from interfering with rider movement when standing on the pegs - easy to miss this feature, but in my mind one of the most important.

All in all this is a great bag, and I expect to use it until it wears out, and then hopefully buy another! Perfect size, great construction, and gets the job done simply. My only complaints are that I would have preferred more of an organizer inside the lid, and at this price point, the waterproof rain cover should come with the bag.

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