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Wolfman Luggage Expedition Dry Duffel Reviews

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Nate J.


I've been running a medium Wolfman Dry Duffle bag for about a year now and absolutely love it. The medium perfecty holds all my camping gear - Tent, camp chair, sleeping bag, mattress, pillow, and a tarp for under the tent. This thing can hold a deceivingly large amount of gear.

This works well for me as when I'm just out for a short non-overnight ride I can just take the bag off the bike. When headed out for overnight or overweek I can just strap on the bag and I have all my camping gear ready to go. When I get to the camp site I can simply remove the bag, and set up camp out of one bag.

The material on the bag is very heavy, and can stand up to a lot of abuse. As it sits on my pillion it's never really taken any serious abuse relative to a bike over, but it has never had one drop of moisture inside (except for one time when I was forced to stuff it full of wet camping gear).

I've mounted the bag to my pillion both vertically and horizontally depending on the terrain I'm planning to hit that day. If I think I'm going to be seated most of the day I run it lengthwise and it doubles as backrest. If I think I'm going to be up on the pegs most of the day I run it sideways to allow myself more room for fore and aft movement of my butt.

I had the same issue as the previous reviewer with the tie-down straps. Not knowing that the straps had been changed I just elected to use a couple of the smaller ROXstraps instead - easy peasy!

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Bryan Bosch


On longer rides and when riding a variety of terrain and weather conditions, I need the ability to take extra gear and supplies along. As a long-time dirt bike rider turned newb ADV rider, when it comes to adding stuff to my bike, I tend to be a bit of a minimalist. That's why I shied away from panniers and bags/cases at this point, choosing the Wolfman Luggage Dry Duffel. I wanted something that is reasonably priced, waterproof, and easy on/off my bike.
Product Overview
Wolfman Luggage touts their Expedition Dry Duffel as 100% waterproof, made from ultra tough vinyl (22oz body, 34oz sides) with radio frequency welded seams. In a nutshell, it's a roll top duffel bag that quickly and easily straps to a variety of motorcycles and when removed, it can be carried using the included shoulder strap. I'll need more time with the bag to truly speak to its durability, but it looks and feels like a well built product. I anticipate it to last. Wolfman warranties its RF welded seams for a year from purchase, 10 years on sew bags, and offers repair services. From their repair forum (I loved this!):


Be realistic! If your bag can be repaired, we are happy to help. If your bag is worn out, we congratulate you for the miles and miles you have traveled on your bike and will suggest that it's time for some new Wolfman Luggage.


I like companies with a sense of humor.

I have rear grab bars on my 2013 Tiger 800XC and it's like this bag was designed specifically for them. However, the bag is in fact a universal design, so it should fit a wide range of applications. It has two sets of buckle straps on each side that run front to back, the bottom set securing the bag to the bike and the top set to cinch the roll top down. There is also a buckle strap on each side of the bag, the top strap pulling down the ends of the roll top and the bottom securing the bag to the bike. Installation is tool-less, easy, and quick, both on and off the bike, just like I wanted. A minor whine is that the front to back mounting straps are somewhat long to accommodate a wide range of bikes, but when they are pulled tight on my Tiger, the loose ends are long. It would be a nice add to sew in some Velcro enclosures to stow the loose ends of these straps (or similar), so they don't fly around at speed. But, you can tuck them under some of the webbing on the bag, so no biggie. When I mentioned this to Wolfman, they replied:


We changed our mounting straps. They now have a Soft Loop at each end, instead of the one continuous strap.


Once installed, the bag stays where I installed it, including during/after light off-road use, spirited back road twisties, and higher speed freeway sections. So, no worries about the bag shifting or losing your stuff.
Even though the bag is mounted sideways, it's narrower than my handlebars and mounted high, so I don't have to worry about factoring in any addition side clearance when things get tight off-road. In fact, when riding, I don't notice the bag, even when I need to get back on the bike to lighten up the front end to get over a trail obstacle or when riding in the sand.
Is the bag waterproof? Yep. I encountered a number of rain showers, a few smallish water crossings and my stuff stayed perfectly dry. But, I didn't feel like this testing was aggressive enough so I grabbed the garden hose and simulated heavy rain and splashing from underneath. Still bone dry. So, I'm satisfied with the ability of the bag to keep my stuff dry in just about any condition that I'll encounter when riding. Wolfman recommends a three roll minimum for maximum weatherproofness. As a bonus, when you get camp, the bag will nicely hold ice and drinks, doubling as a cooler. :smirk:
I chose the Expedition Dry Duffel in size small (20"W X 11.5D" X 11.5"H) for my mostly day trips. Wolfman lists the bag at 33+ liters (plus because of the roll top design). For me, it's the right size for stowing my larger morning jacket as the day warms, extra water, food, gear that I bring (depending upon where I'm riding to), and stuff for another rider when I'm riding two-up. It's very much a day bag for two-up days, but I could make it work for a solo weekend ride in a pinch. Or, I could break down and add panniers and bags. So, it's not a waste to start with a bag like this.
Lastly, if you have a tough time swinging your leg up over your bike unloaded, adding a bag that is about a foot high near where your foot typically arcs won't help. This is a non-issue for me, but I thought that it was worth mentioning. I noted this a couple of days ago when my Dad swung his leg over my bike.
Pros :)

  • Easy on/off bike.
  • Stays put.
  • Flexible roll top design.
  • Waterproof.
  • Made in USA.
  • Mfr. offers repair services.

Cons :(

  • May increase difficulty mounting/dismounting for some riders.

The Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel is moderately priced, well built, easy on/off, very secure on the bike, and 100% waterproof. It meets all my cargo carrying needs at this point and should I need more capacity, I don't need to toss the bag, I can just add additional types in different locations.
You can checkout Wolfman products at http://thmp.tk/wolfmanluggage

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