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Kaoko Motorcycle Cruise Control Reviews

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Nate J.


I like to keep things on the bike simple-silly-stupid, and the Kaoko throttle lock definitely fits that bill. Super easy to install, easy to operate, well made, and does it's job. I have very little use for cruise control, and the electronics that come with it, as I don't spend a ton of time on the freeway at one consistent speed. When I need to lock in my throttle to stave off fatigue, there's my Kaoko right there ready and waiting.

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Bryan Bosch


A fairly common problem for longer distance motorcycle riders is hand cramping, tingling and/or numbness, caused by having to hold your throttle hand in the same position for extended periods. I tossed my hat into the adventure riding deal this spring and I've already encountered this problem on longer sections of freeway. Sure, you can pull over and rest if it gets especially annoying, but that's annoying in itself. I did some Google searching, to see what other riders are saying about hand fatigue and it was what I expected; don't hold on too tightly and learn to relax. Good advice, but I've been riding for some time, so I'm not a death gripper or tensed up by any means. Maybe I just have wimpy hands? :smirk: Whatever the problem is, I hoped that there was a simple solution. After looking at my options, I settled in on trying a Kaoko Cruise Control for my 2013 Triumph Tiger 800XC. It looked like it was a factory piece, simple to use and effective. For testing, I wore typical MX style gloves by MSR and Fly Racing.

How It Works
The Kaoko Cruise Control allows the rider to quickly and easily set a desired cruising speed by rotating a friction nut (with your pinky finger) while rolling on the motorcycle's throttle. This creates just enough friction to hold the throttle tube in the desired position without positively locking the throttle in place. Once set, fine adjustments can be made with throttle inputs, it's just a little stiffer. To disengage, simply reverse the process of how you set it.

Make/model specific instructions came with the product and I found them to be clear and concise, using supporting photos for the three installation steps. Simply remove the stock throttle side handlebar weight and verify that the throttle tube is flush with the end of the handlebar. Mine was, so no adjustment was necessary. Second, slide the assembled Kaoko unit in place of the factory handlebar weight and secure it using the supplied retaining screw. It took more time to carefully read the instructions than it did to complete the installation.

Product Overview
I've shown this product to a few buddies and one said, "You're braver than me!" The conclusion was that the Kaoko Cruise Control "locks" your throttle, so in a panic situation, you're in trouble. To be clear, it does NOT positively lock your throttle. The plastic knob (friction nut) rides on left-hand threads of the new, aluminum handlebar weight and uses a specially designed thrust washer to create friction against the handlebar grip. You only need to turn the friction nut to the point where the throttle tube is held at he desired opening. At this point, you can still move the throttle, it just requires a little more effort. So, in a panic situation, you can easily roll off the throttle, just don't expect it to snap back into the off position. Also, the friction nut has a 2mm set screw that can be adjusted as necessary to take up for wear.

In terms of quality, the fit & finish are excellent and once installed, it takes up the same amount of real estate that the factory handlebar weight did, looking completely OEM. Unless a fellow rider knows what it is, they likely wouldn't identify the unit as an aftermarket add-on.

The product works exactly as advertised, but there is a short learning curve to getting a feel for how much tension is necessary to hold your desired speed. Initially, I found myself setting it slightly too loose, so the bike would slowly bleed off speed. But, it didn't take more than a few miles to get a feel for the right combination of tension and throttle inputs for my machine that allowed me to maintain a set speed. Once enough tension has been set, you can easily make fine inputs to adjust your speed up/down. The throttle response of the Tiger 800XC is on the sensitive side, so the firmer throttle action when set allows these inputs to be smooth.
Now, before I ride, I set the Kaoko friction nut at a tension to where it just holds the throttle tube. I then back the nut off to the point where the throttle snaps back to closed. This puts it in the perfect starting position so that when I need it, I simply roll on the throttle and at the same time, grip the friction nut with my pinky finger. In terms of disengaging the unit, the process of doing so is simply the reverse of setting it and I found these processes to be pretty fluid if not natural. Using the product definitely hasn't caused me any stress or concern, but I've also been riding for a very long time, so typical motorcycle controls are somewhat autonomic for me. Best of all, on long stretches of tarmac, before hand fatigue sets in, it's sweet to set the Kaoko Cruise Control, relax and enjoy the ride.

Pros :)

  • Ridiculously easy to install.
  • High quality, OEM look, fit & finish.
  • When not in use, it's not in your way.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Eliminates hand fatigue symptoms.

Cons :(

  • On the pricey side.

If you ride long distances and hand fatigue steals some of your riding joy, the Kaoko Cruise Control should be on your shortlist of solutions.

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