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Leatt A2 Hydration System 3.0L/100OZ. Reviews

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Hydration plays a big factor when participating in any form of physical activity and riding dirt bikes is no exception. I ride both a mountain bike and a dirt bike, and I am always in need of something to drink. Since cup holders aren’t standard on dirt bikes, I chose to try out a more practical wearable option from Leatt. Not only are they active in the off-road community and committed to rider safety, they don't contribute resources to anti-OHV groups like some of the big-name hydration companies out there.


Product Overview


The Leatt A2 Hydration System seems to be well made. The straps feel solid and have adjustable Velcro to fine tune the fitment. Reflective material has been stitched on to the straps for a little extra visibility. The design of the bladder (100oz/3l) fill is neat. It takes a few moments to figure out how it works, but work well it does. A center support section in the bladder keeps its profile thin and spreads out along your back. For the hands free kit, the installation instructions left a lot to be desired. It helped that I had seen how others have routed theirs, so I managed to figure it out easily enough.





Filling the Leatt A2 Hydration System, I threw in some ice cubes and water, sealed it up, and could not get it to leak. I squeezed it, hung it upside-down, and it stayed bone dry. The bladder fill opening is wide enough to put ice cubes or the mouth of a faucet into. The sliding lock feature has a solid feeling design and I couldn't ever imagine a situation where it could possibly come off under normal use.


The cargo pocket was big enough to hold my phone, keys, and a small multi-tool, but not much else. I would have liked for a slightly bigger pack for things like an inner tube and tire spoons, but like most things, always a few compromises. Leatt makes a variety of hydration systems, including some with better storage capacity to suit your individual needs.


I tested the Leatt A2Hydration System in a few different environments; mid-western woods mountain bike trails and the dunes of northern Michigan on a dirt bike. On the mountain bike, weight and bulkiness is always a concern. One thing that you will notice with this pack is just how much you don’t notice it. It has easy-to-use, well designed adjustment functions that allow it to really form to your body. It did not feel like I had 3 liters of water on my back (6.6lbs.), rather it just felt like it was like a small profile chest protector. I had full range of motion and it never impeded my movements a bit. I could hear a bit of sloshing, and while it attracted my attention from time-to-time, the back didn't move around, staying put nicely.


On the dirt bike, performance was very similar to when I was pedaling, but an issue did pop up. Dirt bikes generate quite a bit more flying debris and dirt was attracted to the mouthpiece of the Leatt A2. Every ime I wanted to take a drink, I had to stop and clean it off. It is made of a sticky rubber material and was not easy to get completely clean. The mouth piece really does need a cap. I feel like the A2 pack would have been a zero-flaw product if not for this problem.


The bladder compartment is lined with a thermal barrier and it did a good job of keeping my water cooler for longer and I did not feel the coolness of the liquid on my back. Other hydration packs that I've tried will slowly warm the liquid from your body heat. I don't think that the Leatt A2 eliminated this entirely, but I believe that it helps noticeably. The hands free kit did exactly what it was designed to do and interestingly enough, I didn't notice as much dirt on the mouthpiece as with the standing A2 configuration. It was easy to use and best of all, it allowed me to get a drink without having to stop. The quick coupler snaps on and off easily and has a locking feature that secures it well. Remembering to disconnect it before you remove your helmet does take a few tries though, but that's operator error only.



Pros thumbsup.gif

  • Comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stays in place.
  • Hands free kit.
  • Easy to fill and clean.


Cons thumbsdown.gif

  • No cap on mouthpiece.


Bottom-line professor.gif


After using various hydration packs over the years, I' know what makes a good pack and what makes a bad one. Leatt definitely spent some time on their A2 Hydration System and its overall construction and design reflects this. But, not having a cap on the mouthpiece is a design flaw that I cannot overlook. Personally, what would have been a 5-star product is now a 3-star because of it. The rest of the pack is great. I will continue to use it, as it is nicer than others that I've tried. Hopefully Leatt will come up with a quick solution to the dirty mouthpiece issue, having itself a rather fantastic product.

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