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BoosterPlug Triumph 800XC Reviews

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Honestly I am unsure about the product at this point.  After reading manufacturer's info and other info available on the web I thought it was worth a small investment.  I ran into some issues with purchasing/delivery which were not related to the product itself however due to a scheduled trip it shortened available testing time.  Installation is super quick and easy.  OEM connectors which just plug in between at the airbox and then route/mount temperature sensor to your liking.  I only had installed on my bike for 4 days/2 tanks of gas.  I noticed the engine was smoother at idle and acceleration.  Exhaust popping on deceleration was less but still there.   However, the improvements were subtle and hard to quantify.   A few days later I was riding by Triumph Dealership and had them load the Arrow Tune for a different aftermarket exhaust.  At that point, I pulled off the boosterplug as there wasn't a need for it anymore.  The Arrow Tune definitely hits the MPG's hard but makes the tiger even more fun.  I still have this if anyone on a triumph was to try it out or purchase.

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