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LS2 MX453 Helmet Reviews

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I purchased this helmet as a trial into the 'adventure' helmet style.  I wasn't sure about riding with a visor and didn't want to spend a bunch to find out if it was for me.  After some time doing research I thought this was the best cost effective dualsport helmet available at the time that fit my head. 

Some of the negatives of this helmet (some of which apply to the entire style of helmets.) Visor is noticeable at expressway speeds especially when you turn your head.  At 60 mph you notice it and at 75+ mph it is a bit uncomfortable. Visor and shield are not quick removable. Shield doesn't have intermediate locking points besides all the way up and down.   I also noticed the shield would rub the bottom of the visor when put up.  That didn't effect performance though as any rub/scratches were at the top of the visor blocked from riding eye site by the helmelt.  This helmet is not quiet at highway speeds and I would highly recommend ear plugs.  I did have some surface cracking at the base of the visor. Not sure if it was just the paint or in the plastic as well. For the money though, its a good option.

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