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Rekluse EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch Reviews

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Brian Patterson

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Love the rekluse on my ktm 950 super enduro even more so that my husqvarna fe350. Since my 950 is very torque happy and tell even at 6'2" I can barely tip toe I find the rekluse just boosts my confidence. I've came to a stop twice on hill climbs in 2nd gear once with a unexpected corner and will just continue to climb with no wheel spin.

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Eric Hall

Full disclosure:  This product was provided free of charge to XLADV for evaluation and review on the #XLADVproject990.
I had heard a lot about Rekluse auto-clutches but wasn't really sure how they worked.  All I knew was that it was supposed to let your bike come to a stop in gear without stalling and was good for technical riding situations.
The real "aha!" moment for me came when riding Mengel pass in Death Valley when we came to this boulder climb.  I saw a few other small bikes having trouble so I was a bit anxious but all I had to do was to take it slow; plant a boot here, blip it up to the next boulder and then plant a boot there and suddenly I was up and over like Jimmy Lewis at King of the Motos or something!  There is little likelihood I could have done that trying to slip the clutch manually.  And stop to think what that picture would have looked like had I failed:  three exhausted and partially de-hydrated riders struggling to lift a 500lb adventure bike up a boulder hill with 60 miles of difficult terrain still to navigate.  Sold!  :lol:
That's the thing with a Rekluse; it makes you the world's best clutch slipper.  What makes this newer generation of the EXP 3.0 Auto-Clutch special are two things... One is that the TorqDrive™ friction plates are steel rather than aluminum which allow them to more efficiently dissipate heat throughout the clutch pack without expansion, which causes clutch drag and will shorten the life of your clutch pack.  The other is they're thinner, allowing for 13 vs 10 plates which increases both durability and power transfer (30% more torque capacity than before) through the clutch system.
Here's what the difference is between their latest EXP 3.0 kit (RMS 6381A) and the previous version (RMS 6131)



  • Going up a hill without a need to slip the clutch.  That’s a lot of work and it’s prone to stalling.  When you can just concentrate on your line without worrying about stalling; that’s what gets you up the tricky section!
  • It's nice to just be able to ride and not think about the clutch
  • The improved traction of constant perfect slipping; turns you into the worlds best clutch slipper
  • It’s been quite a revelation that's transformed my riding!
  • You can be in a higher gear through a corner and just power through it rather than shifting down then back up
  • Let’s say you’re going along in second gear and have to stop suddenly; it’s not going to stall
  • I haven’t seen a loss of kick in the bottom end like I thought I might
  • For climbing hills it’s like cheating you just throw it in second and lug your way up
  • I'm not the best wrencher in the world and I found Rekluse's technical support extremely helpful
  • Installation was a breeze; maybe 30 minutes
  • I admit I miss that clutch feel; as I modulate the clutch to get traction
  • Sometimes I'm not sure if the Rekluse is slipping or the rear wheel is losing traction but since it slips so much better than I can, I'm sure I'm getting better traction 100% of the time
  • Have to be careful parking the bike on an incline or decline because it can start to roll.  No e-brake on a motorcycle!
  • Coasting down a hill when it's in gear was disconcerting at first but you just blip the throttle and it re-engages giving you some engine braking
Bottom line:
The Rekluse certainly takes a bit of getting used to, especially dialing in the exact level of slip with the adjuster screw, but when you get over that hump it's an entirely new world of riding.  For the bigger adventure bikes particularly, being able to confidently navigate a tricky section when carrying so much weight is added peace of mind.  Drop your 500 lb to 600 lb bike on a steep trail strewn with baby heads and you'll wish you had something like this.
Rekluse offers products for quite a few of the larger ADV bikes:  KTM 690, 990, 1050, 1190; BMW 650, 700, 800; Suzuki V-Strom; KLR; Triumph Tiger 800 (in the works).
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