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Enduristan Sandstorm 4H Tankbag Reviews

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Dragos Stefan


As opposed to other Sandstorm models, the side walls are not reinforced, but soft, so the tank is deformable.

Which means you can press on it with your body and will give in instead of being a nuisance while standing up and leaned to the front.

Being focused on offroad, it also lacks the variable volume mechanism present on the other Sandstorm models.

It's really waterproof (when it comes to rain, it will certainly not be waterproof if submerged), I had the opportunity to test it in long torrential downpours.

Very well built, and like all the Sandstorms, the straps are actually ROKstraps which makes for an excellent fit even on rough terrain. Also very easy to unclamp and fill the tank.

Nice detachable internal pouch, and also a nice touch that the side mesh pockets have velcro closure only for half their length, so it's easy to put or take out something small without dealing with the velcro.

It's very light and easy to carry.

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