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Klim USA Revolt Pullover Jacket Reviews

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I have to agree with you Eric albeit, I've the "newer" model. Bought it for all the reasons you've mentioned: lightweight, easily storable, wind/water breaker.
I whipped it on last race season as it was great to use rolling-out of the tent on race day to help beat the early AM temps BUT, I had a cruddy experience on one such race.
After a tech inspection up in Flagstaff area AZ (Camp Wood), pre-race it started to piddle-down so naturally I though AH-HA, time for a costume change and donned the bright-as-feck Revolt Pullover (Orange/Black) Felt like I was rocking my A-game intimidating other racers with my swag, but, after sitting around in my row watching the A, then B awaiting the silly-fart and scary beginners C class to start, I was damp.
Not long after the race was underway and the initial nerves race day bring had subsided I was cold, wet and miserable with 3 hours of racing ahead.
To be clear, it wasn't pouring rain, but "drizzling".
The vent flaps seems to let all the cold-in making the damp feeling worse.
Sufficed to say, I love the thing, but wind/water "proof-ness" isn't there as I was hoping.

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Eric Hall


I had one of Klim's first generation Revolt Pullover's up until this last April when it was blown out of my tank bag in a wind storm in Death Valley.  What was frustrating is someone found it and walked the campsite asking who it belonged to but I wasn't around.  When I came back everyone was saying "hey, some guy found your jacket" and I was like "yeah I know!  I wish I could find him now."  Well I checked lost and found to no avail so I found that I was going to have to buy another one.


I was convinced this was worth another purchase because I'd used it down in Bolivia three years ago and it kept the cold wind off me riding for hours on the altiplano between Quime and Cochabamba.  That's fun to say... "Cochabamba," isn't it?


Klim's site says this item is currently "non-current" which I take to mean they're basically selling what stock they have left and giving some time for the rest of the trade to sell it through before perhaps they come out with yet a new version?


The role this pullover plays is like one would expect; a small packing lightweight windbreaker that's easy to get on/off and can fit over your protective gear.  You don't really feel like bringing a heavier jacket because the temps are mostly warmer and your armor vest with jersey over it pretty much is all you need (except for those mountain passes or rain showers).


I have to say that while I am impressed with all the improvements they've made to this latest generation, I still find that it doesn't really cut the wind as well as their lower-tech first gen one did, nor does it seem as water proof.  Not sure why that is but my arms and core got quite a bit cooler on my recent Utah/Colorado ride than I was anticipating as well as wet.



  • Wear print on shoulders and elbows help reduce.... wear!
  • Taller collar with brushed inner fabric for comfort
  • Better sleeve closures (Velcro)
  • Vents better than garbage-bag-like first gen one


  • Not as windproof as before
  • Not as waterproof as before

My hope is that maybe they will in fact come out with a third version that is better at cutting wind/water.

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