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REVIT Discovery Outdry Boots Reviews

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Great looks. Very small to size and extremely tight to close around the calf. 

Bit on the stiff side when off the bike. Expected more from Revit. 

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A review for women....

I know from experience that it's hard to find a women's ADV boot that ticks all the boxes. The women's boots seem to always be less protective, and the men's boots never come in a small in enough size to fit.

I've been wearing men's MX boots ever since I took a trip out to Colorado/Utah and decided it was time to upgrade to the most protective boot possible. However, those boots aren't as realistic to wear to most ADV or Dual Sport events - getting off my bike and walking anywhere felt like I was fighting my boots more than wearing them.  I'll keep those boots for the aggressive rides that I go on, but I've now upgraded to a much more comfortable MENS boot: the REV'IT! Discovery OutDry, for my everyday riding for a number of reasons:
 - they come in sizes small enough for most women - starting at a size 38 (approx size 7 I think). I wear a size 8 to 8.5 normally (with high arches) and have the size 39s.
- they're super protective - for a detailed breakdown of the spiffy protection points, check out that RevZilla video....I *luckily* haven't had to test this part out yet
- they're comfortable to ride in - when I first put them on I was a tiny bit worried they were small. As soon as I got on the pegs they felt fine - I suspect that the team designing these boots knew what they were doing....as if they were designed to be worn for hours on end on pegs....hmm.....
-they're comfortable to walk in - running up hill to help a friend was no big deal. Not possible in my old boots, and many other boots I've tried on
-they're waterproof. Not resistant. proof. and I've tested that.....
-they're easy to get on and off - no finger pinching clips - they have a BOA system (kind of like a ski/snowboard boot) with a velcro panel overtop, and built in pulls (also like a snowboard boot) to help get them on.

cons....no half sizes. might feel a tiny bit snug off the pegs - but that also might be my half size and preference to have a smaller boot than a big one. I'm sure there is something specific here in the design that designates them as a Men's boot - but I haven't figured out what!

I'm really liking these boots - and I know the struggle that is finding a boot that works. I'll touch base again at the end of the year to let you know how they hold up!

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