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Yamaha Super Tenere 2013 Reviews

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Definitely a good bike, no doubt.


I have to admit I'm not really the biggest fan of the parallel-twin engine.

It has power and torque, sure, but I don't like the "curve". It's a tad too linear.

Another thing I don't like about the S10, it's the...tank. Rather, the size of it. 23liters aren't really a lot, in my opinion, for ADVing or even for simply touring.

FINALLY (I promise) I feel like the suspension are a tad...lacking. I can't seem to find a proper setting: a couple weeks ago I was touring in Sardinia (Island on the left of Italy), and even with the suspensions stiffened up, the bike was feeling "wobbly".

Aside from those, I have no other complaints. LOL

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