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Found 16 results

  1. Ehab Hassanein

    mediterranean sea

    From the album: Ehab Hassanein

  2. MY 2018 R 1200 GS / R 1200 GS Adventure (arriving September 2017) Options The long-awaited Connectivity (with TFT display) option will be available beginning with September production, providing quick and clear information to riders with the least possible distraction from the road: $600 MSRP includes On-Board Computer (a $150 value) $450 MSRP for when ordered with the Premium Package (which already includes On-Board Computer) 6.5” TFT display with a wide range of settings, information and features Ability to pair the bike with a smartphone and operate functions via the Multi-Controller. Requires a Bluetooth headset (e.g. the BMW Motorrad Communication System). Additional functions: o Phone calls and music playback (no app required) o In conjunction with the free ‘BMW Motorrad Connected App’: -- Basic Navigation with turn-by-turn arrow display -- Vehicle status -- Ability to record routes and display ride statistics and information For further details on Connectivity optional equipment from BMW Motorrad, visit: https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0272424EN/bmw-motorrad-presents-connectivity-optional-equipment-multifunctional-instrument-cluster-with-6-5-inch-full-colour-tft-display-offering-a-wide-range-of-features
  3. Ehab Hassanein

    Sun Rise.jpg

    From the album: Ehab Hassanein

    © Ehab

  4. Brad R

    Hellooo XLADV'ers!

    Hola, XLADV'er! Why do I feel like I'm doing this wrong? Submit Topic? Am I the topic? I think I'm doing this wrong...this is normally the time when I stop and check my map but...against my better judgement I'm gonna type the things and click the "Submit Topic" button... I've been meaning to become more of an active member of this group for so long!! Finally able to sit down and read all the great adventures everyone is having. Maybe I just miss my BMW's...all the pandas are sad. Anyway a little about me. I'm a taco lover from Seattle...much love to the PNW!! In a past life I was a Submariner, then an Aerospace Mechanic...but for the last 3 years I've been travelling the world, riding motorcycles, taking pictures, meeting bikers, enjoying tasty things...you know, the usual. I don't do a good job of sharing the stories about my travels...I do a better job at sipping beers with new friends in cramped smelly pubs! But hey, lifes about trying new things, right? Tell that to my friend who pestered me to take salsa lessons with her here in San Cristobal, MX...she pestered me until I finally relented! So we go to the class and I straight murder her feet...the instructor actually asked me how I could be SO BAD! ...now she doesn't want to go with me again. Hey, I tried. So now I'm gonna do the thing where you type the words and attach the pics...maybe a vid or two. Prob gonna murder the screen but hey, I'm trying! Here's one of my favorite pics I took in the Himalayas after spending a week in the Nubra Valley, India. I love India...lets be honest, its a hot mess but...so many amazing people. Another thing about me...I'm slow. Literally and figuratively. When the scenery is good, I drive slow, when the food is good, I eat slow, when the beer is super tasty, I drink slow. I also travel slow. When I get a visa in a new country I think, hmmmmm I need to use every day of this visa! I'm the guy who rents an apartment in a new place that seems cool rather than just stay for a day or two and jet. I guess I've made peace with the knowledge that I can't see it all so I better enjoy the F out of the places I love! My favorite adventures have been the ones where I get to help others along the way. Years ago I went to a presentation put on by Helge Pederson...If you dont know who he is you may want to google his name...anyway, he talked about riding through Africa and taking photos of people in small far off villages. Then he would print out those photos of the people and deliver them on his next trip! Brilliant! For some reason that stuck with me, so I copied him, because I'm slow (so its ok).I added a picture of me giving a picture to my good buddy Lim in the Jungle of Cambodia...hes a cool guy, and his wife makes the best food in Cambodia...no joke, super tasty. Well, This took me like 5 days to write so I think I'm done. I need a taco. Ride Far friends! Brad
  5. Rogers

    Carnegie sunday trip

    Sunday morning at 0800 I met up with my old friend in Santa Rosa, CA. We took off toward Walnut creek where Arwi Odense lives. Had a rear tire tube blowout and we were delayed for 1 - 2 hours while I ran to a local cyclegear to replace the tube. We would usually fix it ourselves but none of us brought tubes and the stem broke away from the tube. Finally arrived at Carnegie around 1300 and spent a solid 4-5 hours just messing around. The dirt was perfect and our tires were hooking up good! Some spots that were blocked from the sun were muddy but not bad. If your looking for a challenge and endless hill climbs, take a trip over to Carnegie OHV park! I'll post pictures once Arwi and my friend text me back. Carnegie Ride Video
  6. WOODCLIFF LAKE, NJ – February 13, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – BMW Motorrad USA has announced pricing and equipment updates for select 2017 models, including the next two Heritage motorcycles arriving at BMW Motorrad dealerships nationwide. 2017 BMW R 1200 GS Model Update / GS Adventure Price Change In conjunction with the product enhancements coming with the model update, the R 1200 GS base price increases by $200 (from $16,495 to $16,695 MSRP). The MSRP of the R 1200 GS Adventure, will increase by $200 as well (from $18,695 to $18,895 MSRP). 2017 BMW R 1200 GS Model Updates In showrooms March 2017. Standard Features Updated design/front panels New/Enhanced Packages Keyless Ride has been added to the Touring Package, which is also included in the Premium Package. Both packages increase by $250, with the price of the Touring Package increasing from $1,445 to $1,695 MSRP and the Premium Package increasing from $2,950 to $3,200 MSRP. Dynamic Traction Control, Hill Start Control, and Dynamic Pro Mode (a configurable ‘user’ mode) have been added to Ride Modes Pro, which is included in The Technology Package and The Premium Package. There are no package price increases associated with these enhancements. Style 1 (Rally) package ($600 MSRP) is now available with new color Lupin Blue Metallic. This off-road oriented package comes with a Cordoba Blue frame, gold calipers, Cross Spoke Wheels, Black Powertrain, Sport Windshield, bi- color rally seat and removes the center stand. To keep the center stand, standard windshield, and standard seat (for more passenger comfort) there is a passenger kit available. (Exclusive) package ($350 MSRP) is now available with new color Espresso Metallic. This package comes with an Achat Grey frame, gold calipers, and Black Powertrain. New/Enhanced Factory Options High Comfort Seat ($50 MSRP) Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) ($950 MSRP) has been enhanced with the latest generation technology including an automatic ride-height adjustment and automatic damper settings. The price remains the same. Extra High Rally Seat ($50 MSRP). Only available with Style 1 (Rally) package and only if Passenger Kit is not ordered. Dynamic Traction Control, Hill Start Control, and Dynamic Pro Mode (a configurable ‘user’ mode) have been added to Ride Modes Pro. As a result, the price has increased $50, from $400 to $450 MSRP. Passenger Kit ($225 MSRP). Adds center stand, standard windshield, and standard seat (for more passenger comfort) when Style 1 (Rally) package is ordered. Sport Suspension ($300 MSRP). Only available with Style 1 (Rally) package and Dynamic ESA. Not available with Low Suspension. Sport Windshield – Only available within Style 1 (Rally) package Off-Road Tires – Only available within Style 1 (Rally) package Comfort Seat ($50 MSRP) Colors All existing colors and Special Model Triple Black have been replaced by the following colors and style packages: Light White ($0) Lupin Blue Metallic (only available with Style 1 (Rally) package: $600 MSRP) Black Storm Metallic ($100 MSRP) Espresso Metallic (only available with Style 2 (Exclusive) package: $350 MSRP)