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Found 1 result

  1. Coming to ADV riding / Off-Road riding from being a street/track guy, it has taken a while for me to stop thinking pegs larger than OEM will just scrape on the pavement easier and limit road riding. So I have had the OEM pegs on my 690, and a parts priority list that didn't include pegs for over 14,000 miles. I have seen many folks put huge pegs on with the shark teeth over the years. Sometimes they can seem clown-shoe sized, but some folks like super huge pegs. When my wife first got in to motorcycles, her F650GS has pivoting pegs on it that were just barley larger than stock. The pegs themselves were a nice size, but neither of us liked the pivoting effect, so she went back to the OEM pegs, and is still using the OEM pegs on her Multistrada. Needless to say, pegs have never really been a priority, maybe because we didn't know any better, or maybe because there wasn't really any options that made sense for us. In the 14,000 miles my 690 has been roaming, I have had the opportunity to do some long distance desert events, and multiple day adv rallies. I remember initially trying to put down long days up on the pegs in adventure boots, and feeling it in my feet because of the lack of support from both peg and boot. Tech boots help with this because they have more support, but when you widen up that peg and make it just a bit longer, I will finally admit - yes that is worth it. When my #CrosscountryADV pegs arrived, the first thing I wanted to do was compare the size and weight. I would only want to compare the weight if they were either so heavy that the difference was going to be a lot, or so light that they may even be close to the OEM smaller pegs. The Crosscountry ADV pegs are impressively light especially considering how much wider they are. For those worried about clown-shoe sized pegs reaching out and grabbing terrain, being too heavy, or having shin-peely giant teeth all over them these Crosscountry ADV pegs are free of any of those features. For those that pay attention to weight, my OEM KTM 690 Peg weighs 186g, while the much beefier Crosscountry ADV pegs are only 57g heavier. First impressions is that they look fantastic, and I'm intrigued by the gripping surface. I have seen these screws used for brake levers, and kickstand enlargers, but I haven't seen enlarged pegs in this style before. If you look up Crosscountry ADV it doesn't take long to realize that these aren't just big pegs someone is making for the sake of, Crosscountry ADV has developed them specifically to be used in events such as The Dakar Rally. To me this means they are designed with long days on the pegs, and advanced control while sending it all day in mind. They also do look great. I just had a nice 2 day weekend of riding with the new pegs, Saturday was a nice road rip out to the desert and back with the local BMW club. I do rip it out to the trail heads, and ride it home afterwards so the road test chasing really nice ADV bikes to Borrego Springs and back was great. The pegs have a comfortable resting edge when you pull your toes away from controls, and I appreciate the overall increase in peg size, it feels very supportive even on road. Again the screws instead of shark teeth thing feels like it's a pretty great decision, it's easy to move around on the pegs while sitting, apply weight and your feet aren't going anywhere. Sunday I met with the local DualSport & ADV riding group, and we had a nice day of exploring some soggy trails, while getting soggy ourselves. Obviously where these things really shine is when you hop up on the pegs, because they are wider and larger, steering inputs at the feet seem to happen easier and they are of course very comfortable when the going gets standy. Did I mention they also look great? Well shortly after I got mine, a close riding friend with a 500exc sent me this photo, he likes them so much he hopes he can get them for his GSA as well 🙂 Anyhoo, long way to say that if you are like me and have avoided going big with the pegs due to the options available, or [reasons].... Check Crosscountry ADV out. They seem to be developed by riders and Rally racers, for very serious real world use. Because of that they feel and look very well thought out, the weight is seriously impressive and I'll say it again, big fan of the gripping surface vs the mega jaws of life out there. Toodles, Nick
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