Calculated Downhills

Had the chance to ride some Northern California Single tracks up in Mendocino National Forest Upper Lake.  Loved it up there!  Challenged by single tracks, forest roads and some technical sections.  Came across some good decents and climbs!  This one in particular was a good one.  At this point in the ride your are abit tired.  My fitness is good at best, judgment (well not all of the time!)  But for this weekend warrior I love when it all comes together.  When I approached the hill I stopped and thought about all the "training" and coaching from friends.  In particular Jimmy Lewis and Heather's points a few years back.  This muscle memory is important.  Insert word cloud here (on the pegs, stay in control, light on the bars, light on the levers, look well ahead, slow is fast, dont't wreck the bike you need to ride it home )Know your bike, know your abilities and one day you will have the "aha" moment.  I probably over think things too much!  During the ride the Sena and Gopro did not pickup what I was actually thinking in my head.  I was chasing a 250 and 450 down this single track.  Probably my first mistake or was it? 

anyone else have "calculated downhills to share?

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