Garmin Zumo 590 LM

Garmin 590LM $425 + shipping UPS/USPS.  

Good condition but is used (mid 2014 purchase) and shows some signs of use. Battery has never given me any issues but it is original. Battery was low when I powered on from 3+ months ago. Took a full charge. Included extras:

• Weather cap is $10 (2 included)

• RAM ball mount is $7 (2 included)

• 2 gb micro SD • Car mount cradle with suction cup/cigarette lighter power

• (2) motorcycle cradles ($60) o 1 with SAE/trickle charger power only o 1 with coax/heated gear power only o 2 sets of wires cut off. (still looking for 1 set)

• Standard microUSB wire to connect.

• Just checked updates and loading current City Navigator maps.

• Currently installed maps from GPSfiledepot. I can remove and put installers on a thumb drive if you would like.

• I will disconnect from my garmin account at sale.  









Sold locally.  Can't see a way to mark sold/edit/delete original post.

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