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Holy grail of rare finds - BMW GS Pro Enduro boots (old model - discontinued) buckle replacement

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My BMW GS Rally boots needed replacement. As you can see they are completely torn apart. But for 4 years they held up extremely well!


But after 4 years, some wear/tear is to be expected:
Sides are a water entry

I love my IMS pegs but they do a number on the soles...
Water exit point...?
Stitches coming apart...
Yeah, I'm not a shoemaker but I don't think this is supposed to be like this.
Lost the bottom somewhere in the desert.

The biggest issue I had with these boots is that they are NOT water-nothing. Not even resistant. With the first raindrop, your bones are wet :( So I did some research and while I could get an "adventure" boot from Sidi or Alpinestars, they do not offer the protection the Enduro boots do. I just wished they would still make the old BME Pro boots. So I stalked eBay, 16 hours a day for 3 weeks until... BINGO!

Almost new! For $200!!
They don't make them like this anymore :(
Look at this! Did he/she even use them?
Waterproof liner!

However, there was one problem. These boots are made by Forma. Like all BMW Footwear. One of the straps was lost and the previous owner replaced it with a new one. However, the straps of these boots are an older style and the buckle does not close.
I can't ride like this.
You can see the older type (left) is slightly different than the new one (right)
Top view. Old on the top, newer on the bottom.

I tried to find them and my search went all the way to Australia. Unfortunately, I could only find the newer type. I even talked to Forma USA without any success. If only I had some extra buckles to replace the old ones...

Oh, wait...

Will you look at that!
To the operation table!
Looking good!
The distance between the holes is a bit longer on the newer model.
Yay for drilling power!
Like new! I don't care they don't match (do you believe that?) since I always wear the pants on top of the boots.

I could have fixed the other ones but the lack of water resistance was very annoying. Plus the right boot was soaking in oil after that small accident I had... :D


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You're such a fanboy!  

Those were my first boots and had nothing but problems with the soles de-laminating.  I talked to the Forma USA guy and his suspicion was the color combination BMW chose was causing that because he never saw it in the same Dominator Comp boot.  

I'd injured my right achilles tendon and then got the Gaerne SG12 because it had more rear protection and have been happy with those ever since.  They've even outlasted the Alpinestars Tech10 I got a while ago.

Good luck!

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On 9/15/2018 at 9:46 AM, Eric Hall said:

You're such a fanboy!  


Just because I have a BMW belt buckle, does not mean I am a fanb... oh, wait... :D

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