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Pirelli Scorpion Rally Reviews

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Eric Hall


I am reviewing this rear tire only in 150/70/17 size.  It's important to keep a few things in mind when considering this tire.  One is that it's a specialized off road tire and many big bikes never see much dirt.  I got it in the fall of '12 because I wanted a good tire in deep sand for the LAB2V.  I got sick and didn't end up using them for that, but did run them in the Mojave as well as Baja.  It's important to also keep in mind these tires were developed for Dakar and they did win in '09.


I found them to be VERY good when there was something to bite into; not so much in gravel-y corners where it's mostly flat dirt.  Nor is this the tire for those to like to carve canyons on their way to and from the dirt.


I think for the price (~$125) they are a great tire, but again, for a specific purpose.  You may find the TKC-80 or Karoo 3 a better all-around tire in the dirt but none of them will handle deep sand like this bad boy!


I would get this rear tire again if I were doing something like LAB2V, the Mojave trail, or maybe even Taste of Dakar with dune sand in mind.  Great even for the beaches of Baja!

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I also used this tire as a replacement to my MT21 on a KTM690 Enduro (equipped for adventure).  Took them on a 3000 mile trip through the US Southwest including the COBDR.  Outstanding tire for everything I went through.  Very firm sidewall so difficult to mount, but great for preventing any flats.  traction through sand, rocks, mud, gravel, … even superslab was great.  My error was that i did not balance when I installed so I experienced some headshake above 80 mph.  As a point of comparison, I installed TKC80 (balanced this time) immediately after these and noticed a significant lessening of grip in off-road application.  On road, the TKC were more comfortable.  I would use these again for my next BDR — but balanced this time.

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I am on my 2nd set of scorpion rallys for 990 ADV, 60% off road in the worst conditions (mud, sand, rocks) and the rest on road on the way to and from the off road areas. I went through 2 sets of karoo3 before that, and I dont know what the karoo3 has that this rally does not, but in comparison the karoo3 was very slippery in mud (no sideways traction) and not great forward traction either. The rally is LOUD on roads, but it gets hot and sticky there, even on wet roads, and it is great off road. I wish the knobbies would be taller, I get <2000km from my rear and 4000km from the front (but I change before losing too much grip, because there is no sense riding this bike with insufficient traction). This is now my preferred tire (and I liked the MT-21 on my 690 before, but I felt the scorpion was a better choice for the 990). I ride with 4mm UHD tubes, and at ~2 bar. Note, mounted on the wide 990 rim, the so-called 140/80/18 rear tire is 158mm wide, and very flat (and very impressive!).

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