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Touratech USA Bar Risers Reviews

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If you plan on standing at all, for any length of time, do this. Source - I'm 5'10". 40mm is the highest you can go without needing to re-route anything on a '14 GS Adventure. This is by far, the absolute best, and most necessary purchase for your adventure bike. Hands down, no contest. I would even skip the side-stand foot and get this first.

Also, once you get used to it, it'll just blow your mind how normal it feels. Other people may stare and their jaws may drop as they see the size of your rise, but pay no heed. Now, on that topic, of all the brands to choose from, I picked these as the most sensible ones. The price is right, the finish is good. The fitment is excellent. Only complaint is now the bars clamp with allen head bolts, so there's another bit to carry in the tool kit. Original clamp bolts were Torx.

Also, the rise causes some interference with the windshield, but ultimately, the rotation of the bars in the upward direction contributes to this as well, and there's nothing you can do other than put the windshield in the full up position or just deal with it. I think in one full day of off road riding, we went to full steering lock once. There is plenty of play in the windshield for this, and if you are seriously rigged for offroad, the windshield and mirrors come off anyways so its a non-event.

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