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ICON Raiden DKR Pant Reviews

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Eric Hall


See my review for the DKR jacket because much of those same comments will apply.


I first got this jacket/pant combo at Overland Expo in May of '15 and immediately put it to good use in the cold, wet and snowy conditions.  I remained warm and dry the whole time, save for my hands of course.


The pants come sized up because they're intended as an over pant to what you may already be wearing (read as commuter-friendly).  The zippers on the inside of each leg go all the way up so as to make putting them on over pants and removing them easier.


Whereas the jacket comes with a quilted liner for warmth, the pants do not.  Liners in pants are typically for waterproofing and their proprietary Hycor™ shell performs that function quite well.


At first I really liked the suspenders but after a few days on the trail found they were chafing my nipples!  I should note I had the same problem with the KLiM suspenders.  Not a problem though as you can simply unzip them at the pant and roll them up and stow them away.  Suspenders are something to consider for safety; you don't want your pants coming down if you fall and start sliding down the pavement/trail.


The fit/finish on these pants are really quite remarkable for the price point.  I really like the silicone ribbing on the waistband that keeps your shirt tucked in as well as keeps the waist from sliding down for a case of plumber's butt.  Most people don't know this but you get three different pockets in which to place your D30 armor pads in the knees which is to adjust for height/leg length.  You also get the D30 pads in the hips.


Another factor that one might consider are the wide range of colors this suit comes in:  tan, black and "glory" (I call it bubble gum ice cream).  As much as I like other suits I have from BMW or KLiM, sometimes I really don't want to look like everyone else and kind of like the enhanced visibility on the bike.  I've ridden long enough to achieve confidence but there's no doubt that when you show up in one of these suits it sure looks like you know what you're doing.  It's like saying "don't follow me... you won't make it."


Like I said about the jacket, these pants are best for cooler temps (<75F) but I have worn them up to 100 F and they weren't horrible.  Some of my other suits that are better all year round aren't as wind/waterproof as this.  This is a pair of pants (and jacket) I'm going to wear here in SoCal from probably November to April.



  • Very wind/waterproof and great for cooler temps and wet weather
  • Nice fitting, easy to put on and remove
  • High end build quality


  • Not for summer riding (for me)

Bottom line:  Probably the best value out there for a cooler temp/wet weather ADV pant with a lot of great colors to choose from.

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