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ICON Raiden DKR Jacket Reviews

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More details than a hundred dollar bill.





If you’re like most ADV or Dual Sport riders, you didn’t start out in adventure riding, you started out on some version of a street bike. You and your bike and your black non-waterproof textile jacket that said Icon on the back and served its purpose as a street style jacket. Time has passed and now the brand you grew up with has grown up too.


20160321 232256



The Icon Raiden DKR Series adventure suit was launched with authority in their YouTube Lords of Atlas videos showcasing these suits under some of the most extreme conditions; the NORRA Mexican 1000 and the Alcan 5000.  This premium adventure riding suit starts with a waterproof/breathable outer shell. Icon Raiden takes their HYCOR chassis to the next level with a DuPont Durable Water Resistant Teflon coating and sealed seams. Product testing in rainy Portland has paid off; this suit is no-leak waterproof, including most of the jacket’s 12 pockets (Icon claims 12 I can only count to 8.)  The front chest pocket utilizes a hydrolock zipper (think heavy duty sandwich bag zipper) and contains a goggle wipe on a bungie – this is a great phone or small camera pocket – and the low back “rabbit pouch” pocket manages to store more snacks than it should.


IMG 20160229 103223



The Raiden Suit integrates an “all in” protection package for your safety. D3O padding in all the right places make this suit a premium option. Elbow and shoulder armor are usually standard but the Raiden DKR suit has integrated D3O elbow, shoulder, back, knee and hip pads, and ballistic nylon paneling protects the suit from hard landings in the major impact areas.


 The fit of this suit is a little roomier than others. Icon calls it a relaxed fit jacket and bottoms are listed as an overpant fit. This allows you to layer accordingly and leaves you some breathing room. The suit fits long on my 6’2” frame with no need for a “tall”. The zip-in jacket liner is surprisingly nice - even with fair warning you’ll still raise you’re eyebrows when you see it. The hexagon quilted Thermolite liner echoes the hex detailing on the outer shell. It also has mesh panels that line up with the 5 vents on the exterior of the jacket for fine tuning your comfort level. Venting on the pants is left up to the full length inside leg zippers which can be zipped top to bottom or vice versa, this works better than you would initially think but a mesh panel high inside thigh might have been a nice touch.


20160321 232427 (1)


Icon designed the Raiden DKR’s HYCOR chassis to be lighter/thinner while still flawlessly preforming all its tasks as being an outer shell system. This helps with long days standing on the pegs and a byproduct of the lighter material is that internal moisture transfer happens at a much faster rate which allows you to wear this suit comfortably in temperatures as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than most other high-end waterproof suits. When the temp drops, the built-in wrist gaiters with thumb holes are fantastic at keeping out the cold air. Another foul weather busting detail is the one of a kind double storm flap with rare earth magnet closures on the jacket. The optional 1.5 liter external hydration pack mount works better than you might think and is less intrusive than a backpack style hydration system.


IMG 20160116 173835


Without stuffing it down your throat, Icon has a way of making you feel part of the family - from the first street jacket years ago to their premium adventure Raiden DKR line.  When you open up this jacket for the first time and you’re greeted by a small patch inside that reads “Designed & Developed in Portland, Oregon” and other subtle “Deeds not Words” messaging, you feel connected to the brand and the effort they made to bring you this product.


It is clear Icon spent a lot of time on the Raiden DKR series and on this suit. It shows in how wearable the suit is for all day riding, in the superior built-in protection, and in the five color ways – be sure to check out the Splintered jacket pattern which was locally designed by an artist in Portland.

MSRP: Jacket $425-$395, Pants: $285 IconRaiden.com



Extremely good value.

Moisture transfer master.

Stand out from the crowd.

Includes D3O armor.

3m reflective accents.


Jacket size runs a little large (If your in between go down a size)

Wrist gaiters are not removable but can be cut out.

Pants lack a liner.

Shorter riders will need to hem the pants.


A little disclaimer. I originally wrote this article for the current issue (March/April) of Adventure Motorcycle Magazine which if you don't have a subscription to you probably should head over to their website and consider one. 

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I wanted to love the jacket (even was looking at matching DKR and Arakis pants) but the ICON DKR gear just isn't there yet.  I purchased brand new/tags still on private party a few months ago and have lightly used in since.  It has been waterproof in PNW. It has handle the hot and cold nicely.  The hydration pack add on and other jacket features such as thumb hole wrist warmers are nice.  However, the execution is lacking.  The rubber zipper on the chest pocket pulls open with the lightest touch, the main jacket zipper is always troublesome, and the worst is the outer shell already has a tear.  I have had many different brands/level of gear in my short riding but these failures are deal breakers.  Not even sure how I got the tear.  My best guess is rubbing up against a bush/tree or a low speed tip over. 


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Eric Hall


Overland Expo ("SnOverland Expo this year) turned out to be the perfect place to test out this ICON Raiden DKR (pant review here) with some very cool temps hovering around the freezing mark along with some cold rain and wet snow.  I can honestly say that the Raiden line has achieved their goal of making a truly waterproof jacket.  I was dry as a bone and plenty warm (unlike some of my riding partners), except for my hands  :)  ICON Raiden set out to improve on their Patrol jacket and now have a better fitting, lighter, more waterproof solution in the DKR. 


And this is but a taste of a long line of products soon to come that specialize in many different weather conditions from the DKR's cold and wet to Arakis' hot and dry and beyond.


Note how the DKR suit (available in 5 colors for men +1 womens) stands out from the whale foreskin crowd ;)



Raiden is able to achieve this with their own proprietary waterproof and breathable liner, Hycor, along with what they call a "dwr" coating of Teflon on the outer shell.  Keep in mind that this outer shell can be reactivated by the heat in your dryer!  Riders really need to keep this in mind, as the outer shell of any garment like this is likely to degrade over time in its ability to shed water.  This coating can also be re-applied by the end user.


I live here in Southern California, so this is a jacket I'm most likely to use from around November to April, or when temps go no higher than 75.


Cool-factor features/benefits:

  • 5 great color choices; even a womens' cut version
  • The liner has openings that meet the shell's vents so you don't have to stop and remove the liner when you start to warm up.
  • This makes for excellent venting and elimination of excess moisture from sweating, although the liner is still removable.
  • Hydrolok front zipper on "Napoleon" pocket; the type you'll see on sailing jackets
  • Goggle wipe in pocket
  • A sort of gloved sleeve liner to keep the cold out
  • Plenty of gloved hand-friendly pockets
  • Hydration tube tether in front to keep it from slapping you in the face
  • Solid D30 impact protection (click link to learn more on how that works) used industry-wide and in the most critical areas: back, shoulders,elbows
  • Great value at $395


  • Can get a bit warm in temps over 75 F
  • With liner installed, sleeves a bit tricky to get off sometimes

Bottom line:

  • Very good value for such a stylish and functional cold/wet weather adventure jacket.
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I've been wearing the @ICON DKR jacket and pants for a while now. I'm wearing the white with blue and orange. I like the visibility this graphic package offers. The jacket is by far, the best fitting jacket I've worn. Period. The sleeves are the right length with your arms extended to the handle bars, they are the proper diameter to keep the elbow armor in place, and there's no extra fabric to flop around. One of the best features is the flow thru venting - when yo have the full length thermal liner in, you can still open the jacket vents and receive cooling via the slits in the thermal liner. The liner has slits what match up with the vents in the jacket. This is great as it offers greater temperature control without having to stop and completely remove the liner. I find this feature handy here in the Pacific Northwest where it's chilly in the morning, warms up, and then perhaps starts to rain and then cool off again. The armor is D30 and is very comfortable. The other features, like plenty of pockets (one with goggle wipe), including the map pouch on the back, inside pocketes, waterproof zipper on one outer pocket, are welcome. The pants are just as good as the jacket. I like the suspenders, as they offer great comfort while keeping the pants in place. The pants offer a full length zip on the inside of the leg to ease getting into them. The nice thing with the full length leg zip is you can open the top of the zip and let some cooling air flow in. Both the jacket and pants are waterproof. I've ridden in the rainf for a few hours and stayed nice and dry.  The pants have waterproof zippers on the pockets and leg zips. There's a nice patch of no scuff material on the inner leg too. Highly recommended.

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Off Road Rider


I recently received the New Icon DKR jacket. So far I am very happy with the jacket. During a brisk 39 degree morning the jacket kept me nice and warm. Great feeling armor and overall high quality of the garment. Plenty of pocket space with an attached goggle or shield wipe is a nice touch.

  During the day the temps went up to almost 70 degrees, I found the venting to work very well, I never pulled out the internal liner.

 Hate to say it but Im looking forward to the rain and testing out the waterproofness of this nice jacket.

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