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Fastway Adventure Foot Pegs Reviews

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Chris Hunt


These do the trick, much larger and more comfortable than the stock pegs. I would have preferred the Black Dog pegs, but they do not make them for the Tiger.

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Bryan Bosch


When I picked up my 2013 Triumph Tiger 800XC, it was bone stock. I like buying bikes this way. It gives me the opportunity to really see what I think that the bike needs and doesn't. And, I enjoy the process of research parts & accessories, as well as installing them.

The stock foot pegs come with rubber vibration insulators installed. While they felt ok riding down the road, the first time you stand-up, yuk! They felt squishy and you feel too disconnected from the bike. The Tiger rides super smoothly, so I didn't feel like the insulators were necessary. With the insulators removed, the stock steel foot pegs are what you expect from most OEMs; adequate, but definitely room for improvement. While they are not bad in terms of width, they are too narrow front to back and the teeth for off-road work are fairly blunt, offering only moderate levels of grip in soupy riding conditions. Lastly, the design is on the "closed" side, so they don't shed mud well, more easily becoming clogged. The Tiger 800XC is 473lbs. (ready-to-ride), so improving your connection to the bike isn't a bad thing.

Having ridden with Fastway Evolution foot pegs (and really liked them), I decided to give their sexy and featured packed Adventure branded foot pegs a shot.

Product Overview
At the end of the day, at its core, it's still a foot peg. But, it's the result of what happens when people that ride, who also have a background in design & engineering, have a warehouse full of CNC machines to bring their dream foot peg into reality. Let's look under the hood of the Fastway Adventure foot pegs.

  • The foot pegs come with a patented, universal collar system that allows them to be installed in the standard or "Lo-Boy" (down and back) positions. Taller riders will appreciate the extra room and those with big feet may notice better positioning for braking and shifting.
  • Traction can be customized not only by choosing from three patented styles of cleats (standard F3, serrated F5 or spiked F6) but you can choose what cleats to install in the 3 rows on the peg itself. Adventure pegs come with two complete sets of the standard cleat, one set of 10mm in length and the other in 12mm. The instructions show four installation combinations of these cleats:

    > All 10mm Cleats = Low profile and increase boot life.
    > All 12mm Cleats = Aggressive traction.
    > Tall Center Row = Feet locked on peg with room to roll fore/aft.
    > Tall Back Row = More toe freedom or braking & shifting.
  • You can also set the "tilt" of the foot peg using Fastway's patented FKMS Kamber bolt. By installing or removing shims, you can increase or decrease the amount of peg camber. So, more shims puts your knees closer to the bike and less shims puts them further away.
  • Fastway claims that their Adventure foot pegs to be of "super strength", putting them through "brutal destruction tests" that included applying "several" tons of down force in order to cause the product to fail. Adventure bikes can be over double the weight of the typical dirt bike, so I can see why they tested at this level.
  • Adventure foot pegs come standard with a clear anodized finish, but for + $25.00, you can choose from anodized Black, Orange, Red and Blue. Bling bling!

Installation can be done using typical hand tools with basic level mechanical skills in under an hour. There are four basic steps:

  • Choosing to run the foot pegs in the standard or Lo-Boy position, as this will determine how to install the universal collar into the foot peg. Fastway includes a cylinder tool that makes installation of the precision, tapered collar into the foot peg accurate and easy, without damaging either piece in the process. Nice touch.
  • Decide how much (if any) foot peg camber that you'd like to run and setting it. If you're not sure, just install the FKMS bolt, including any shims at a level position, re-install the foot peg pin (without the spring) and see how it feels. Repeat this process with more camber and again, get a feel for it. This is 100% rider preference.
  • Choose the pattern of cleats that best suits your needs and install them into the foot peg using the supplied threadlocker and allen wrench.
  • Install the fully assembled foot pegs on your bike using your stock foot peg pin and retainer pin/clip. If you have have more than 1mm of gap between the universal collar system and the foot peg bracket, install the supplied shims until the gap falls into spec. I didn't have to do this, but the supplied foot peg springs are strong, so this process might prove to be a little challenging, pushing the foot peg pin through the assembly while keeping the shims properly lined up.

I chose to run the Adventure foot pegs level, in the Lo-Boy position, using a tall back row cleat set-up. Right off the bat, I noticed just how much more connected to the bike that I felt, especially in the standing position. Just more positive feeling. These pegs are a generous 2.25" (front-to-back) X 4.75" wide and this gives me more options in terms of foot positioning (more control), depending upon the riding conditions. And, since even the standard cleats provide much better traction than stock, I feel comfy using the entire foot peg, even the edges. Now it's pretty hard not to find a footing position that feels right for the situation.

I can't say that I had trouble shifting and braking with the stock foot pegs (size 10 Gaerne SG-10 boot), so it's hard to say if the increased room provided by the Lo-Boy position and tall back row cleats added value. But, it certainly didn't hurt access to the foot controls.

Pros :)

  • More positive connection to the bike translates into better control.
  • Increase boot traction.
  • "Open" design reduces clogging in muddy conditions.
  • Highly customizable based upon rider preferences.
  • Lighter & stronger (2024 aluminum) than stock.
  • They look sweet!

Cons :(

  • On the expensive side.
  • More maintenance than typical foot pegs.

While the Fastway Adventure foot pegs look awesome, they are more than just a pretty face. They add increased levels of control, rider feel and ergonomic options that translate into a better riding experience. I try to avoid adding stuff to my bike that doesn't improve it in some way and there is no question that the stock foot pegs will not be finding their way back on the bike anytime soon. These foot pegs are a solid buy.

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