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Continental TKC 80 Reviews

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The TKC-80 has been a great tire choice for us. Off-road performance is great - confidence inspiring and stable in almost all conditions and at low PSI's they rarely feel spongy. On the road we're able to rail. Even in the rain they feel very planted (though we're often told they were terrible in the wet). <br /><br />Another complaint we can put to bed is lifespan. We rode from southern Germany to the Arctic back through the Baltic and half of Australia before replacing one set - a journey of 18000km (!) - granted, they were completely shot (super-cupped in the front, bald in the back). We rode with a fella who tried power-slides in every corner then complained about getting 2000km out of a rear - so it's really about how you want to use the tire :)

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Bryan Bosch


Spooned on a set and recently got a good day of riding in on these tires, both on and off-road.


Initial Impressions

Wow! These look so good on my Triumph Tiger! Now it looks like the ADV machine I envisioned! First turn on the street, "Whoa! What's wrong with my bike's steering? Did something not go back together right? No, I'm sure that's not the case. I guess I'll just try to get used to them. I hope I didn't ruin my bike!"


Yes, the transition from center to leaned over is waaaay different than the stock Pirelli Scorpion Trails. Those tires on the street moved from center to edge both more quickly, but far more smoothly. The TKC80 have a bit of a lag on turn in and some pushback or even a "notchy" feel for a second. But, after a day on them, I'm used to it and it's no longer an issue. But, pretty alarming at first, I must say.


On the Street (around 30 psi)

0-5 and 5-0 mph, you can feel the rear knob spacing (seat of the pants vibration). 5 - 45 mph, actually fairly smooth for a knobby tire (sweet spot).  Above 45  to maybe the mid 50s, still fairly smooth, but the noise begins to pick up. 65+ a noticeable rhythm of sound. Not terribly annoying, but not necessarily pleasing. It's the price to pay for superior off-road traction. The smoothness at highway speed is tolerable, but the dull groaning noises make the tire sound like it's slightly outside of its sweet spot (55 mph or less).


On the Dirt

I was on the gas a lot, riding packed sand, loose sand, and some mud. Compared to the stock tires, I had confidence when turning at speed. I could change lines more aggressively and the whole bike felt so much more planted. Part of this was the tires, but part of it was my boosted confidence. I must say, my bike is soooo much more fun off-road with the the TKCs installed. It really did transform my Triumph Tiger. Excellent traction, good steering response, and predictable handling.



Too early to say. Need more miles. I'll report back.



If your idea of off-road is stricly packed forest service roads, you probably don't need this tire. But, if you want to venture off onto trails, where you'll likely find mud, sand, or other loose terrain, these tires make a noticeable difference. Just be honest with yourself about where and how you ride. The stock Pirelli tires did get me much of where I rode the TKCs, but the difference was, I didn't have to be nearly as gingerly with the throttle and line changes. I felt like I could ride faster and more aggressively and maintain good control. That suits my riding style, having come from 30+ years of dirt bikes. Overall, I like these tires. Better on the dirt than the street, but I'm happiest off the pavement.

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Only issue is the wear. I get 4000+ out of a rear and two rears to a front. Traction and handling is worth it.

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