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These Motoz RallZ tires really are amazing.  I have been running them for just over 3k miles now... and at 30 psi they just work - EVERYWHERE. Watch this video in which I show you how this tire works in most types of terrains including 100+ mph on the highway, fast twisty corners, dirt roads and even our arch nemesis Deep Sand!  I picked mine up from Chaparral Motorsports:  https://www.chapmoto.com/motoz--tractionator







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Eric Hall

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I'll make this really easy for you.  The new Tractionator RallZ (they pronounce as "rallys" not "ralz") is basically their Tractionator Adventure turned up to 11. Motoz did provide these tires to me to review.


It's basically a more dirt biassed version of the Adventure with a similar tread pattern (rear) with more clean out but.... also comes with an extra millimeter of tread (16 vs 15)!  Tread depth I think is really the number one reason these tires get such great mileage in addition to the natural rubber compound which keeps its grip even when worn down and has a much better wet pavement grip than other "high mileage" tires such as the K60 or any of the Mitas tires.

I typically get between 5k and 6k miles (8-9.7 kilometers) off a rear Adventure and I'm expecting to get just a bit more from the RallZ.  I'm currently at 4k miles and it's still looking pretty fresh so that sounds reasonable.  I even have a leaky rear tubeless rim which means I've probably been running at sub-optimal pressures so that mileage impresses me a lot.

4.2k miles

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 9.53.40 AM.png

Off road these tires are really amazing.  Not easy at all to get the rear wheel to break traction; that will probably get easier as it wears down.  Sand is absolutely not a problem but based on where I live (SoCal), I can't really comment on mud or even wet pavement but please see @Manybikes video below where he shows how even on his 1190 in the rain that rear tire just will not break traction like he's seen on other tires.  I think for an 80/20 dirt/street (what I'm calling it; Motoz says 90/10) that is truly astonishing.  Im hoping he posts his review here as well soon.

Let's talk about the front tire now.  So their first Adventure (really "MK1") wobbled a lot so they came out with the MK2 and the wobble wasn't as bad.  This RallZ front is even better with the wobble (still wobbles a bit at ~75 mph) and still feels confident in the dirt, although @greedyg felt otherwise when I let him ride it but he was comparing it to a full on dirt bike front like the D606.  And please do me a favor and stop complaining that an 80/20 front tire with knobs wobbles!  That's what they do!  It's not a 60/40 TKC-80.  Complaining about the wobble just makes it sound like you don't know what you're talking about.  It's like complaining a TKC-70 doesn't handle sand very well.  It WASN'T DESIGNED FOR THAT.  If you are a wobble-baby then please just don't buy this front tire.  But if you keep your highway speeds reasonable and actually want that off road performance then sack up and get the RallZ front too.

I will say that the rear was tough to seat the bead but then my rear rim is narrower than stock (3.5" vs 4.25") so I guess I can't blame the tire.  And I've heard two Hater-ade™ drinkers complain these are "too heavy" but puleez!  These are for heavy adventure bikes, not the motocross track.  This is a feature, not a bug.

Bottom line, this is a fantastic tire for the big bike rider who prefers dirt but wants the durability and safety a dirt bike tire won't deliver.  The adventure's were my former favorite but these beat that without feeling I'm compromising too much pavement performance.

Watch Kyle's video


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